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ZeissImport (Import/Export)


This Filter will create a "Tile Configuration" file based off of a _meta.xml file that AxioVision software creates. The Tile Configuration file is used by FIJI to stitch a montage of images into a single image.

An example file that is written by the filter is as follows:

# File Written by DREAM.3D based on values from the _meta.xml
# Define the number of dimensions we are working on.
dim = 2

# Define the image coordinates
05MAR09_run2_64-Raw_p0.bmp; ; (0, 0)
05MAR09_run2_64-Raw_p1.bmp; ; (1227.55, 0)
05MAR09_run2_64-Raw_p3.bmp; ; (0.23675, 920.01)
05MAR09_run2_64-Raw_p2.bmp; ; (1227.55, 919.774)
05MAR09_run2_64-Raw_p4.bmp; ; (0.23675, 1839.55)
05MAR09_run2_64-Raw_p5.bmp; ; (1227.31, 1839.55)

Even though the values written are in floating point notation, the values are in pixel units.


Name Type Description
Input File String Path to the _meta.xml file
Output File String Path and filename to where the file will be saved

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Not Applicable

Created Objects

Example Pipelines

This is used in the ZeissImport Unit Test

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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