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Warp Rectilinear Grid

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Sampling (Warping)


This Filter warps a grid of Cells by a polynomial function defined by user set coefficients. More specifically, the coefficients define the inverse polynomial, so a new rectilinear grid of Cells can be defined and mapped back into the reference grid of Cells. The process is as listed below:

  1. Generate a grid of Cells identical to the grid to be warped
  2. Apply the polynomial function to each Cell in the grid generated in 1
  3. For each "warped" Cell location determined in 2., determine the Cell in the original grid closest to that location and assign all of its attributes to the Cell in the new grid. (Note: the new grid remains rectilinear, but it is sampling the original grid in a non-regular manner - this is "inverse" warping, which allows the output grid to be rectilinear)

It should be noted that because the duplicate grid that is "inverse" warped is identical to the original grid, depending on the polynomial, Features or data in the original grid could be warped to a point outside of the domain of the new grid and thus lost. Alternatively, the grid could "shrink" and there would be extra bad data around the edges of the domain.

The user has the option to overwrite the original grid with the warped grid or save the warped grid as a new Data Container.


Name Type Description
Polynomial Order Enumeration Specifies the order of the polynomial function that will warp the Cells (2, 3 or 4)
nth-Order A Coefficients float A (x) Coefficients of the nth-order polynomial that will warp the Cells (2nd order = 6, 3rd order = 10, 4th order = 15)
nth-Order B Coefficients float B (y) Coefficients of the nth-order polynomial that will warp the Cells (2nd order = 6, 3rd order = 10, 4th order = 15)
Save as New DataContainer bool Specifies if the new grid of Cells should replace the current Geometry or if a new Data Container should be created to hold it

Required Geometry


Required Objects


Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Data Container NewImageDataContainer N/A N/A Created Data Container name with an Image Geometry. Only created if Save as New Data Container is checked

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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