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Version 6.0.0

These release notes summarize the major changes for each officially released version of DREAM.3D. The official bug report is located at the DREAM.3D GitHub issues page.

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Major Changes

This is a major version update with breaking changes that will invalidate any previous .dream3d file and pipeline. Breaking changes are:

  • The core DREAM.3D data structure has been rewritten. This is a major change that breaks compatibility with previous DREAM.3D version files. Files generated with a version of DREAM.3D before v6.x are INCOMPATIBLE with v6.x and any subsequent versions!
  • Several Filters have been renamed or removed. Consult the table below for a detailed list. The removal or renaming of Filters may break compatibility with Pipelines generated in previous versions of DREAM.3D. Users are encouraged to update their Pipelines to utilize the current Filter suite of v6.x!
  • Pipeline files are now stored as JSON files instead of INI files
  • .dream3d files now have an updated internal structure that is not compatible with any previous version of DREAM.3D
  • Bookmarks (formerly Favorites) now store direct links to the json file on the file system. This means the user can store the bookmarked json file where ever they want.
  • The User Interface has been completely updated and mostly rewritten using Qt version 5.
  • Added new filter searching field which allows the user to easily find filters by name
  • Prebuilt Pipelines have all been updated with bug fixes
  • Internal data structures have been updated to allow DREAM.3D to scale better to larger datasets.
  • DREAM.3D now contains over 200 filters to process data

Filters that have changed names in Version 6

Version 4 Name Version 6 Name
AlignSectionsPhaseCorrelation Removed from distribution2
AvizoRectilinearCoordinateWriter Removed from distribution0
AvizoUniformCoordinateWriter Removed from distribution0
BridgeParentIdsStatisticsToGrainIds Removed from distribution2
CAxisSegmentGrains Segment Features (C-Axis Misalignment)
ChangeGrainIds Removed from distribution3
ClearData Clear Data (Mask)
ConvertEulerAngles Convert Angles to Degrees or Radians
ConvertOrientation Convert Orientation Representation
CopyFieldArrayToCellArray Create Element Array From Feature Array
CopyFieldArrayToFaceArray Create Element Array From Feature Array
CreateFieldArrayFromCellArray Create Feature Array From Cell Array
CropSurfaceMesh Removed from distribution4
DecimateSurfaceMesh Removed from distribution2
EBSDSegmentGrains Segment Features (Misorientation)
FFTElasticReader Removed from distribution2
FieldDataCSVWriter Write Feature Data as CSV File
FieldInfoReader Read Feature Info File
FindBoundingBoxGrains Extract Flagged Features (Rogues Gallery)
FindCellQuats Convert Orientation Representation
FindFaceAverage Removed from distribution4
FindFieldAverage Removed from distribution4
FindFieldNeighborCAxisMisalignments Find Local Average C-Axis Misalignments
FindGrainCentroids Find Feature Centroids
FindGrainPhases Find Feature Phases
FindGrainReferenceCAxisMisorientations Find Feature Reference C-Axis Misalignments
FindGrainReferenceMisorientations Find Feature Reference Misorientations
FindKernelAvgMisorientationsIgnoreGrains Find Kernel Average Misorientations
FindNumFields Find Number of Features
FindSurfaceCells Find Boundary Cells (Image)
FindSurfaceGrains Find Surface Features
FindSurfaceMeshNodeType Removed from distribution1
FindSurfaceVoxelFractions Find Feature Boundary Element Fractions
GenerateFaceMisorientationColors Generate Misorientation Colors (Face)
GenerateSurfaceMeshConnectivity Generate Geometry Connectivity
GrainFaceCurvatureFilter Feature Face Connectivity
GroupMicroTextureRegions Removed from distribution2
H5VoxelFileReader Removed from distribution 3
Hex2SqrConverter Convert Hexagonal Grid Data to Square Grid Data (TSL - .ang)
LinkFieldMapToCellArray Link Feature Attribute Matrix to Element Attribute Array
M3CSliceBySlice Removed from distribution 2
MergeArrays Removed from distribution 4
MergeChannels Gray to RGB (Merge Channels)
MoveGrain Removed from distribution 4
MovingFiniteElementSmoothing Removed from distribution 2
MultiThresholdCells Threshold Objects
MultiThresholdFields Threshold Objects
NodesTrianglesToStl Removed from distribution1
NodesTrianglesToVtk Removed from distribution1
OpenCloseBadData Erode/Dilate Bad Data
OpenCloseCoordinationNumber Removed from distribution4
PerPhaseMinSize Minimum Size
ReadOrientationData Read EDAX EBSD Data or Read Oxford Instr. EBSD Data
RemoveJitter Removed from distribution4
RenameCellArray Rename Attribute Array
RenameFaceArray Rename Attribute Array
RenameFieldArray Rename Attribute Array
RenameSurfaceMeshFieldArray Rename Attribute Array
RotateSliceEulerRefFrame Rotate Euler Reference Frame
SampleVolume Removed from distribution4
SaveImages Write Images
ScalarSegmentGrains Segment Features (Scalar)
SegmentBoundaries Removed from distribution4
SharedGrainFaceFilter Generate Triangle Face Ids
SingleThresholdCells Threshold Objects
SingleThresholdFields Threshold Objects
SolidMeshToVtk Removed from distribution 3
SurfaceMeshToNodesTrianglesEdges Removed from distribution 3
SurfaceMeshToNonconformalVtk Removed from distribution 3
SurfaceMeshToStl Write STL Files from Triangle Geometry
SurfaceMeshToVtk Write Vtk PolyData from Triangle Geometry
Threshold Threshold Objects
TranslateSurfaceMesh Change Origin of Volume
UnifyTriangleWinding Removed from distribution 4
UpdateCellQuats Removed from distribution 3
VerifyTriangleWinding Removed from distribution 3
VtkGrainIdReader Removed from distribution 3
VtkRectilinearGridWriter Removed from distribution 4
YSChoiAbaqusReader Removed from distribution 3

[0] Test files are not available to verify proper output is being created
[1] Introduction of dedicated Geometry classes allow us to remove this Filter [2] Original developer is not updating this Filter any longer [3] This Filter is considered legacy and no longer supported [4] This Filter is removed for technical reasons

  • Several improvements to the user interface have been made. Consult the updated user manual for details. Most importantly, DREAM.3D now utilizes a document model for its interface, which will allow users to have multiple instances of DREAM.3D open at once, all operating independently.
  • The core code for orientation transformations has been redone based on the work of M. De Graef et al.
  • Many major and minor bug issues addressed.

Known Issues

  • The DDDAnalysisToolbox, ImageProcessing, HEDMAnalysis, and TransformationPhase curated Plugins are temporarily moved to the Unsupported group until they are updated to the current DREAM.3D standards for code and documentation. These Plugins will be moved out of Unsupported as they are updated.
  • The "rolled" preset dialog does not currently verify if the user has entered values such that A > B > C, which may result in incorrect statistics. The user should be aware of this and make sure to enter values such that A > B > C. A check of this condition will be added in a future release.
  • The Match Crystallography Filter may intermittenly crash.