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Version 6.4 Release Notes

These release notes summarize the major changes for each officially released version of DREAM.3D. The official bug report is located at the DREAM.3D GitHub issues page.

Getting Help

The developers of DREAM.3D maintain a pair of Google Groups for discussions on the use of DREAM.3D and the development of filters or plugins for DREAM.3D. If you have a question those are the best places to ask and get help from the community.

DREAM.3D Users List

DREAM.3D Developers List

Version 6.4.197

New Filters

  • SO3Sampler allows regular sampling of orienation angles. (DREAM3D Issue #751)
  • Read dataset from HDF5 file. (DREAM3D Issue #190)
  • Create Ensemble Info (Issue #724)
  • Import EBSD Orientation Files: Fallback to CI or Bands if generating IPF Color fails
  • Filters can not be temporarily disabled in the pipeline view.
  • ThresholdObjects filters moved to SIMPL Core from DREAM3D repo.
  • Renamed SPParksWriter to SPParksSitesWriter
  • Renamed SPParksReader to SPParksDumpReader

Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • DREAM3D Issue #750: 3DStereographic Coordinates filter was giving erroneous results.
  • DREAM3D Issue #714: Fix bug when reading ODF angle files with a comma as a delimiter and spaces in the data line
  • DREAM3D Issue #716: Write StatsGen ODF Angle File does not create output path directories
  • DREAM3D Issue #718: GenerateIPF Colors filter does not validate phase data and will cause unexpected results or crashes.
  • DREAM3D Issue #723: Image files stored in 'images' or 'Images' subdirectories do not match capitalization.
  • DREAM3D Issue #724: Import Orientation Files Filter Widget needs a fallback mechanism if the IPF Color generation fails
  • DREAM3D Issue #727: Allow filters to be temporarily disabled or turned off in the pipeline
  • DREAM3D Issue #730: AlignSectionsList Shows parameters from parent class
  • DREAM3D Issue #732: When reading STL files parse the header bytes to look for keywords that would identify the file as being from Magic's Materialise software
  • DREAM3D Issue #733: AlignSections (List) filter will not read from DREAM.3D generated Alignment files
  • DREAM3D Issue #737: ConvertOrientationData was not properly checking input arrays for the correct number of components
  • DREAM3D Issue #748: Only write an ODF angle file if there are valid angles.
  • DREAM3D Issue #748: Change default number of Lambert squares to 64.
  • DREAM3D Issue #748: Example pipelines; rotate the sample reference frame before processing the data
  • EbsdLib: Added more verbose error message when parsing .ang files that do not conform to the expected numeric types.

Fixed SIMPLView Issues

  • SIMPLView Issue #17: Failure to check existence of file may lead to application crash
  • SIMPLView Issue #749: When loading a new pipeline file if there are no errors or warnings close the various dock widgets.

Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • SIMPL Issue #137: Allow creation of Boolean types in ImportASCIIDataArray filter.
  • SIMPL Issue #136: Allow conversion to Boolean types in ConvertData Filter.
  • SIMPL Issue #130: Natively paint the PipelineFilterWidget instead of relying on CSS.
  • SIMPL Issue #123: Fix inconsistent types in the H5Lite library
  • SIMPL Issue: Array calculator will fail for some types of arrays
  • SIMPL Issue #118: Fix FileListInfoWidget internationalization decode issue.
  • SIMPL Issue #114: Allow user to skip writing the number of features in the CSV file
  • SIMPL Issue #112: Allow SIMPL to use environment variable to search for plugins. SIMPL_PLUGIN_PATH
  • SIMPL: Using Ariel font on Linux as Fira Sans is too thin to be easily seen.
  • SIMPL Issue #110: Fix plugin loading issues on linux with case sensitive file systems

Version 6.4.78

  • SIMPL: Add Cmd-W as a short cut to close the windows.
  • SIMPL: Detect missing PhaseName from StatsData JSON files and change the returned string to match the type of StatsData
  • SIMPL Issues #103: Some selection widgets do not allow selections if the filter parameter has Geometry::Type::Any as a requirement
  • SIMPL Issues #104: Pipelines with Exactly 11 filters will not load correctly
  • DREAM3D Issue #702: Fix crashing bug in PackPrimaryPhases and InsertPrecipitates when Periodic boundaries are used.
  • DREAM3D Issue #703: Fix issue where Axis ODF values are not converted to Degrees after being read from a file.
  • DREAM3D Issue #704: Adjust the default to NOT save the Shape parameters during synthetic runs.
  • DREAM3D Issue #708: Fix issue where clicking create default data will also reset the ODF, MDF and Axis ODF in the StatsGenerator Widget.
  • DREAM3D: Fix bug when reading/writing Primary and Precipitate StatsData from/to .dream3d and .json files

Version 6.4.56

  • CMP: Fixed issues related to packaging DREAM.3D, verbose error messages and supporting Visual Studio 2017
  • SIMPL: Added API to IDataArray to copyDataFrom() another IDataArray
  • SIMPL: Disabled the NTFS permissions checking on Windows platforms which slowed down preflights unacceptably.
  • SIMPLView: Allow an external project to set the project version strings.
  • DREAM3D: Fixed incorrect calculation of the Mean of the Log-Normal distribution
  • DREAM3D: Allow negative Mu values in StatsGenerator
  • DREAM3D: StatsGenerator, The ESD value is now Read Only as it depends on both the Mu and Sigma parameters.
  • DREAM3D: PackPrimaryPhases and InsertPrecipitatePhases now have an option to save the ellipsoid parameters and other parameters that are used to generate the synthetic shape before that shape becomes voxelized.

Version 6.4.39

  • SIMPL Issue #64: Can not drag multiple filters in DREAM.3D Pipeline View
  • SIMPL Issue #78: IGeometry type enum is not unique
  • SIMPL Issue #76: Add a LinkedDataContainerSelectionFilterParameter and associated widget
  • SIMPL Issue #84: Extend the "Move Objects" filter to allow multiple objects to be moved in a single filter instance.
  • SIMPL Issue #94: Better number formatting in the QToolTip text
  • Fix SIMPL bug with MultiDataArraySelectionWidget
  • Fix runtime recursive crash with QDataStream and PhaseType::Types
  • Fix bug where pipelines that have exactly 10 filters would not parse correctly.
  • SIMPL API Added to Abstract Filter and FilterPipeline
  • SIMPL: Fixing issue where users are unable to select a phase type from the combo box
  • SIMPL: "Delete Data" filter should allow a "Select All" option
  • SIMPL: Fix issue where some core tests were not being run during nightly builds
  • SIMPLView: Create buttons in the StatusBar area that will toggle the Issues, DataStructure and Console dock widgets
  • DREAM3D Issue #696: StatsGenerator Filter and widget crash when generating ODF and MDF for Tetragonal Laue Group
  • DREAM3D Issue #693: Phase Names are not correctly initialized when pipeline file is read from a JSON file and PipelineRunner is used to execute a pipeline.
  • DREAM3D Issue #688: Using a mask array in WritePole Figure should be optional
  • DREAM3D Issue #686: WritePoleFigure requires Cell Attribute Matrix and Image Geometry. Remove these constraints
  • Updated developer documentation so that images proper appear in some of the documentation.
  • Updated overview documentation with updated screen shots

Version 6.4.0

  • User interface changes which should improve usability.
  • User interface changes to the pipeline view that shows more information to the user before and during execution of a pipeline
  • Add color to each of the filters in the pipeline view that denotes which major group the filter is categorized as.

  • BUG: Fixed issue when reading .ang file the last row of data would not be parsed from file

  • FEATURE: Allow user to re-edit the ASCI Import Wizard settings after clicking the "Done" button. (Issue 599)
  • Added Kahan summation to FindShapes filter
  • Fix crashing bug when Manhattan distance is OFF in the Find Euclidean Distance Map filter
  • Moving FeatureDataCSVWriter, ReadASCIIData, WriteASCIIData and WriteTriangleGeometry filters from IO to CoreFilters
  • Fix Generate Ensemble Statistics where the crystallographic variables were being controlled by the Radial Distribution checkbox.
  • Any filter that can "Read" or "Write" data are now named "Import" and "Export" except in the case of reading and writing DREAM.3D files
  • InsertPrecipitatePhases now returns a warning instead of an error when no precipitate phases are found. updates #394
  • Wizard for ImportASCIIData has been updated with new capabilities and clearer error messages
  • The entire UI for StatsGenerator filter has been redesigned.
  • New Filter MultithresholdObjects2 has a brand new interface allowing the user to perform complex boolean operations on data
  • Find Misorientation Filter: Use NaN for values if the misorientation/misalignment can not be calculated instead of -100.0
  • Fixing crash bug when index out of bounds happens because two features both with an unknown crystal structure (999) is used for a calculation. In this case do NOT calculate any value.
  • Fixing bug in filters that depended on the proper bounding box being calculated. FindShapes filter was updates with refactoring FindFeatureCentroids was fixed to account for the origin when computing the centroids of each feature.
  • On Mac OS X, DREAM.3D is now a single .app package.
  • Add filter to compute the Central Moments for 2D slices of data (Moment Invariant 2D)
  • Add filter to compute the min XYZ and max XYZ pixel coordinates for each feature.
  • Update SpaceGroupOps to LaueOps
  • Enable search and MathJax in Doxygen Allows for searchable help and well-rendered Latex equations.
  • EBSD Standard Triangle codes for all Laue classes except Cubic 3m Tetrahedral
  • Rename FlattenImage to ConvertColorToGrayScale and add additional options for the conversion algorithm
  • Adding "Use 1-Based Values" boolean option to EMMPM filter.
  • Add filters that compute morphological statisics of features in TriangleGeoms
  • Fix crashing when selecting ShapeTypes through the ShapeTypes Widget
  • Updating the Ph and Dx readers to properly size their ImageGeometry and Cell AttributeMatrix during preflight
  • Fix issue when reading .ang files where the last row was not properly parsed and stored into the internal arrays
  • Add filter that computes the enclosed volume of surface meshed features
  • Updating the Generate Precipitate StatsData with Radial Distribution Function (RDF) codes
  • Fix issue where prebuilt pipeline did not have proper default values.
  • Extend QuickSurfaceMesh to function on RectGrid geometries
  • Creating stand-alone filter that can generate a PrimaryPhase from the base feature size statistics
  • Extend the FindSizes filter to operate on any geometry
  • Fixing a bug where the menu button would pop up its menu in the wrong place due to an incorrect point conversion
  • Add capability for manual initialization of mean and standard deviation values within the DREAM.3D filter implementation of the EMMPM library
  • FeatureDataCSVWriter now allows users a choice between using a comma, semicolon, colon, or tab as delimiters.
  • Fixing memory leak in H5AngReader.
  • Add images to illustrate the relationship between the Dimension and Resolution.
  • Fixing internationalization issues with decimal separator values.
  • Fixing bug where the Neighbor Orientation Correlation filter would not paste the Misorientation Tolerance value correctly after being executed once.
  • Fix reading and writing of DX files so that the data is read/written in ZYX ordering

Update the StatsGenerator UI to allow the user easier access to input fields. This version updates the StatsGenerator UI with the following:

  • Create a stand alone FeatureSizeDistWidget that handles all the interactions with the ESD Size Distribution.
  • Create class hierarchy for PrimaryPhaseWidget and PrecipitatePhaseWidget in order to reused code where possible.
  • Update the documentation with new and additional images and clarifications. updates #571
  • Allow user to set a specific name for each phase. updates #576
  • Remove code that is no longer used/required.
  • Format the various distribution plots with new dark color scheme
  • Add bins to the Feature Size Probability Density Function plot
  • Allow user to input a true ESD that then calculates the value of Mu
  • Mousing over ESD PDF plot shows the value under the mouse pointer.

Developer Notes

Releases are now built against the following libraries:

  • Qt 5.6.2
  • HDF5 1.8.16
  • Boost 1.60.0
  • Qwt 6.1.3
  • Eigen 3.2.9
  • ITK 4.11.1
  • TBB tbb44_20160526oss