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Write Vtk PolyData File (From SurfaceMesh)

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I/O Filters (Output)


This filter will create a "legacy" vtk file (.vtk) that contains the POINTS and POLYGONS, where each POLYGON is a triangle. In addition the NODE_TYPE will be written as POINT_DATA and the GRAIN_ID will be written as CELL_DATA. There are 2 options for this filter.

Write Binary Vtk File If this option is selected then the data portions of the file will be written in Big Endian binary format as stipulated by the VTK file format.


Name Type Description
Output Vtk File Output Path Creates a .vtk file
Write Binary Vtk File Boolean Big Endian binary format

Required Geometry


Required Objects

Type Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Triangle SurfaceMeshFaceLabels int (2) The list of all triangles (faces) in the mesh. Quick Surface Mesh (SurfaceMeshing), M3C Surface Meshing (Slice at a Time)
Vertex SurfaceMeshNodeType int (1) The shared node (vertex) list. Quick Surface Mesh (SurfaceMeshing), M3C Surface Meshing (Slice at a Time)

Created Objects


Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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