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Tesselate Far Field Grains

Group (Subgroup)

Synthetic Builder Filters (Packing)


This filter creates an empty volume for inserting features into to create synthetic microstructures. The user is asked to set the number of Cells in each dimension as well as the edge length of each Cell (units are typically in microns, but are actually the user's choice). The user must also specify the path to the file that holds the goal statistics that will be matched durign the synthetic microstructure generation process. The filter, after reading the stats file, will populate a ShapeTypes section, where the user must provide a type of geometrical object to represent the various phases with (i.e. ellipsoids, super-ellipsoids, cubo-octahedra, cylinders).

The Filter produces an estimate of the number of Features in the volume associated with the values the user entered.


Name Type
Statistics File Input File
X Cells Integer
Y Cells Integer
Z Cells Integer
X Res Double
Y Res Double
Z Res Double

Required DataContainers


Required Arrays

Type Default Name Description Comment Filters Known to Create Data
Ensemble ShapeTypes Enumeration (int) specifying the shape class of the Features of each Ensemble (Ellipsoid=0, SuperEllipsoid=1, CubeOctahedron=2, Cylinder=3) Values are obtained from user input on GUI
Ensemble PhaseTypes Enumeration (int) specifying the type of phase of each Ensemble/phase (Primary=0, Precipitate=1, Transformation=2, Matrix=3, Boundary=4) Intialize Synthetic Volume (SyntheticBuilding), Generate Ensemble Statistics (Statistics)
Ensemble CrystalStructures Enumeration (int) specifying the crystal structure of each Ensemble/phase (Hexagonal=0, Cubic=1, Orthorhombic=2) Values should be present from experimental data or synthetic generation and cannot be determined by this filter. Not having these values will result in the filter to fail/not execute. Read H5Ebsd File (IO), Read Ensemble Info File (IO), Initialize Synthetic Volume (SyntheticBuilding)
Ensemble Statistics Generate Ensemble Statistics (Statistics), StatsGenerator Application

Created Arrays

Type Default Name Description Comment
Cell CellPhases Phase Id (int) specifying the phase of the Cell
Cell GrainIds Ids (ints) that specify to which Feature each Cell belongs.


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