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Calculate Background

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This filter takes a series of grayscale images in a given attribute matrix and averages them. The image content only contributes to the average if the value at a given pixel is between the lowest and highest allowed image value set by the user. The background is then fit to a second-order polynomial, and the resulting fit background is calculated and stored in a new array.

If the user selects Subtract Background from Current Images, the background will be subtracted, and the new images will overwrite the original images in the attribute matrix.


Name Type
Lowest Allowed Image Value int
Highest Allowed Image Value int
Subtract Background from Current Images bool

Required Attribute Matrix

Type Default Array Name Description Comment
Int Tile Attribute Matrix This attribute matrix should contain the grayscale images, and only the gray scale images over which the background is to be calculated Currently the only way to generate this attribute matrix is to use the Zeiss Axio Vision Import filter.

Created Arrays

Type Default Array Name Description Comment
Float BackgroundImage This contains the background image (which is the same size as all the images in the attribute matrix)

Created Attribute Matrix

Default Name Description
Background This attribute matrix contains the above created data array

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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