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Version 6.5 Release Notes

These release notes summarize the major changes for each officially released version of DREAM.3D. The official bug report is located at the DREAM.3D GitHub issues page.

Getting Help

The developers of DREAM.3D maintain a pair of Google Groups for discussions on the use of DREAM.3D and the development of filters or plugins for DREAM.3D. If you have a question those are the best places to ask and get help from the community.

DREAM.3D Users List

DREAM.3D Developers List

Version 6.5.171

Version 6.5.171

6.5.171 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Adjusted segmentation algorithm in AlignSectionsMutualInformation to remove the random seed value generation. We just start in the 0,0 position and start looking for a viable voxel.
  • Fixed issue validating mu values in GeneratePrimaryStatsData filter
  • Fixed crash if user changes phase name in GeneratePrimaryStatsData filter
  • Fixed issue in QuickSurfaceMesh which caused a crash for certain microstructures.

SIMPL Changes

Version 6.5.168

6.5.168 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Fixed issue where the OrientationUtility stopped working due to move to Qt 5.15
  • Fixed crashing issue in OrientationUtility if invalid Quaternion was generated

Version 6.5.167 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • FindNeighborhoods: Fix issue where created neighborlists would not be cleared between runs of the filter.
  • FindFeatureCentroids: Incorrect implementation was not producing correct results.
  • MergeTwins: Fix sanity check for Cubic high Laue class
  • InsertTransformationPhase: Fix bad attribute matrix generation which caused crashes when reading the .dream3d file
  • FindTriangleGeomCentroids: Fix crash under certain conditions. Add a check for canceling the pipeline

SIMPL Changes

Version 6.5.163

6.5.163 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Add sanity check to Generate Ensemble Statistics to ensure that when Calculate Crystallographic Statistics is TRUE only Cubic and Hexagonal phases are present in the data. #984
  • Fix issue in FindBoundingBoxFeatures where the XY coordinates were locked into the XY plane even if the '2D' was on another plane. #985
  • Fixed on issue where adding the Import Image Montage would crash DREAM.3D due to nullptr. (ITKImageProcessing Plugin fix)
  • fixed issue with linking on Ubuntu 20.04 and above involving rpaths

SIMPL Changes

Version 6.5.160

Version 6.5.160 New Filters & Features


6.5.160 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • More robust ASCII or Binary STL file detection.
  • InsertPrecipitatePhases: Check for cancel more often.
  • VtkRectilinearGridWriter: Fixed crashing bug due to nullptr return.
  • Add warning to MergeTwins if non Cubic-High (m3m) is used
  • FindNeighbors: Fix crashing issue when incorrect/mismatched DataArray is selected.
  • GenerateFZQuaternions: Validate all input/output paths (except Crystal Structures) have the same tuple length
  • Use Kahan Summation for Find Feature Centroids
  • Export3DSolid: Generate Windows executables with .exe as the extension

SIMPL Changes

  • Check for illegal or troublesome characters when importing CSV file.
  • Do NOT write NeighborLists to XDMF files as it doesn't make sense
  • Clean up FilterInputWidget in PipelineItem if it isn't nullptr.
  • CreateGeometry: The data arrays that were set for things such as the vertex shared list were not being removed from the source Attribute Matrix when the user selected to have the data MOVED instead of COPIED.
  • FileListInfoWidget: Find potential out-of-bounds access during filename parsing.

Version 6.5.151

Version 6.5.151 KNOWN ISSUES

Version 6.5.151 New Filters & Features

  • Find Feature Eigen Strains

6.5.151 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • ITKImportImageStack: Error out if the images are not the same pixel size
  • ImportVTKStructuredPoints: Fix parsing issues with the spacing
  • FindShapes: Fix NaNs produced with during the Eigen Value and Eigen Vector calculation
  • Feedback to the IdentifySample filter
  • Fix Renumber Features bug in the CropImageGeometry Filter
  • Detect ASCI STL File and error out
  • Fix bug in VTKRectilinearWriter
  • Fix issue where voxels with the same quaternion would not group together.

Version 6.5.150

Version 6.5.150 KNOWN ISSUES

Version 6.5.150 New Filters & Features


6.5.150 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Fix issue where bulked loaded MDF data was not loaded correctly
  • Fix issue where MDF user entered entries were not saved correctly
  • Add missing RectilinearGrid sample file
  • Composite Synthetic pipeline now completes without crashing

Version 6.5.147

Version 6.5.147 KNOWN ISSUES

EDAX Version 8 HDF5 files are not supported in this release of DREAM.3D.

Version 6.5.147 New Filters & Features


6.5.147 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Fix issue where bulked loaded ODF data was not saved to the JSON pipeline file #962
  • INLWriter: Improved determination of number of unique grains.
  • Fix issue in C-Axis Segment where 2 voxels with same orientation value would not group together
  • Improve the parsing functions for SPParkDumpReader
  • Improved the Dark Mode theme to better match native operating systems Dark Modes.
  • Fixed issue with Add Orientation Noise where nan values would result randomly.
  • Fixed issues with the MDF Plot Widget in StatsGenerator

Version 6.5.141

Version 6.5.141 KNOWN ISSUES

EDAX Version 8 HDF5 files are not supported in this release of DREAM.3D.

Version 6.5.141 New Filters & Features

  • Establish Foam Morphology Filter has been added to the DREAM3DReview plugin.

6.5.141 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • FindTriangleGeomShapes & FindShapes: Fix memory leak
  • CalculateArrayHistogram: Allow the use of existing data containers
  • FindVolFractions: Calculate Volume Fractions for ALL phases
  • Texture.hpp: Change API to handle STL style containers. This required updating many other classes.
  • SGMDFTableModel: Update API to take STL containers, Update parsing functions that take data from the UI in the form of a table row. All data is stored as floats instead of a mix of float and string.
  • MatchCrystallography: Fix walking off the end of an array
  • StatsGeneratorUtilities: Update calls to API where possible. To fix all instances we would need to back-port the complete standalone EBSDLib which is not going to happen for this release.
  • SIMPL: internal API updates to allow back-porting of bug fixes
  • REMOVED FILTERS: ITK Vector Connected Component Image and ITK Vector Rescale Intensity Image. Neither will pass their unit test.

Version 6.5.138

Version 6.5.138 New Filters & Features

  • None

6.5.138 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Fixed issue when reading EDAX .ang version 7 files where the phase information would become corrupt (#934)

Version 6.5.137

Version 6.5.137 New Filters & Features

  • None

6.5.137 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Fixed crash when reading ill formed SPPARKS Dump files(#931)
  • Fixed issue in FeatureInfoReader where not all the data in the file was read (#930)

6.5.137 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Allow user to select multi-component arrays to conditionally set values (#389)

Version 6.5.134

Version 6.5.134 New Filters & Features

  • None

6.5.134 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Fix generation of documentation using Mkdocs on macOS
  • Fix DataContainerArray unit test

6.5.134 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Fix issue where all prior filters stored in a .dream3d file would be written out to a JSON file if the pipeline included a Read DREAM3D Data file filter and the pipeline was executed.

Version 6.5.133

Version 6.5.133 New Filters & Features

  • None

6.5.133 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Insert Precipitate with Mask removes all features from all phases. #925

Version 6.5.131

6.5.131 New Filters & Features

  • None

6.5.131 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Crash when trying to match on RDF in InsertPrecipitates #922

6.5.131 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • None

Version 6.5.128

6.5.128 New Filters & Features

  • ItkPairwiseRegistration contributed by AFRL (DREAM3DReview)

6.5.128 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Find Average Orienation now has default values
  • CTF Files written by EMsoft no longer print spurious warning message
  • Reference Frame default transform is correctly set.
  • Reference Frame transform is guessed based on file extension first time dialog is launched

6.5.128 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Import HDF5 could not import anything more than 2GB worth of elements
  • Fixed ambiguous logic in TetrahedralGeom
  • Fixed Issue with MultiDataArraySelectionWidget not clearing the lists when a new Attribute Matrix was selected.

Version 6.5.126

6.5.126 New Filters & Features

  • Convert Quaternion: Converts a Quaternion between Scalar-Vector and Vector-Scalar memory layout
  • Quaternion Conjugate: Computes the conjugate of a quaterion

6.5.126 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Fix issue where "Reveal in Finder/Explorer" would not actually open the proper Finder/Explorer Window
  • ReadCTF Data: Allows user to convert Eulers to Radians and allows user to disable the Hexagonal basal plane X axis convention.
  • InsertAtoms: Fixing crashes during filter (reported by MicroClue
  • Improved some of the prebuilt pipelines to run faster and with less memory overhead.
  • Write Pole Figure Improvements: Proper default for Material Names, Only allow PDF, updated descriptions for types of output (Color Intensity & Discrete)
  • AbaqusHexahedronWriter did not provide enough arguments to an error message
  • SPParksDumpReader did not properly create AttributeMatrix and DataArray with the proper number of tuples. This effected filters downstream that depend on that information.
  • Export 3D Solid Mesh now does not time out
  • ITKImagePairWiseRegistration filter added into DREAM3DReview branch

6.5.126 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Use proper icon in MultiDataContainerSelectionWidget
  • Fix to resolve spurious warnings about QGradient at the end of pipeline execution
  • Fix to itkCommand subclass to properly implement it using ITK Macros
  • Use 'Spacing' instead of 'Resolution' in ImageGeometry descriptive text
  • Addressed arithmetic overflow and other code analysis warnings
  • Initialized PipelineMessage index
  • Marked a possible coding error in ImportAsciiDataArray where two identical error conditions are checked using || operator.
  • Fixed an incorrect cast in ReadASCIIData where a double is cast to a float for a method parameter that is expecting a double. Due to multiple calculations of the same value, it was saved to a constant before the first calculation was required.
  • Changed a for loop variable in geometry compute methods to avoid default castings when dereferencing a pointer multiple times per iteration.
  • Changed geometry requirements in addAttributeMatrix from using || for enum checks to &&. The previous versions could never be false and invalidated the entire method.
  • Fixed a possible overflow when calculating ImageGeom and RectGridGeom coords. The previous versions would have overflowed before casting to a larger size.
  • Updated variables used to store min and max float values to constexpr to take advantage of the fact that they are known at compile time and are never modified.
  • Removed unnecessary casts in SIMPLibRandom where doubles were cast to float and then saved as a double.
  • Fixed ColorTable::GetColorTable due to the current implementation going out of array bounds. The 2D array float color[8][3] was being accessed with indices [8][2].
  • Updated VTKFileReader::skipVolume to use size_t dimensions
  • Changed xDim, yDim, and zDim parameters to size_t from int. If either one or three of them were negative, the total size variable used to allocate memory would save a negative number as an unsigned value, causing overflow. Moreover, any negative dimensions would silently prevent data from being read.
  • Updated ColorTable::GetColorTable with static_cast and rename
  • Updated preset color table only.
  • Removed duplicate error checks in ImportAsciDataArray
  • Other errors are already handled, so these seem to be redundant rather than typos.
  • Updated ColorTable::GetColorTable for json values
  • Applied fixes from preset color table method.
  • Updated incorrect currBinIndex maximum value in preset table method
  • Moved variables inside the loop where appropriate.
  • Updated numColors parameter to size_t both for cast issues and because it makes no sense to have a negative number of colors.
  • Made variables const where appropriate.
  • Ran clang-format on ColorTable.cpp for readability
  • Fixed more arithmetic overflow warnings with type casts
  • Performed casts on getNumberOfComponents() to size_t for calculations. This method should probably return size_t instead of a signed int if a negative component dimension is not possible.
  • Changed DynamicTableData::ExpandData parameters nRows and nCols from signed int to size_t. Negative values were not handled, and the values are more descriptive with their current type. size_t should be preferred over int when it comes to dimensions unless there is a good reason to include negative values as a valid option.
  • Added a hsize_t cast to H5DataArrayWriter when calculating rank size in H5DataArrayWriter.hpp By casting the first value, arithmetic operations progress it forward while preventing int32_t-related overflow.
  • Added casts to int64_t when faceId values to local variables in GeometryMath.cpp. These variables were used for referencing vertex pointer indices where int64_t values were expected
  • Fixed a few uninitialized variables
  • Fixed type casting in CubeOctohedronOps.cpp
  • Added missing f in plane4Comp and plane7Comp arithmetic operations. This was determined as a mistake by looking at other operations where the same calculations were consistently done with a floating point constant, but the f was left off in two places. The static_cast<float> was determined to silence a warning regarding type casting down from double to float due to the propagation of the double type through the calculation.
  • Added default value to ErrorObject::ok boolean in ParseFunctors
  • Silenced initialized variable warning
  • Added default construction to SIMPLib property macros
  • This is unlikely to affect the default values for integers, floating point numbers, and booleans (not created with SIMPL_BOOL_PROPERTY).
  • Hard sets boolean properties to false using SIMPL_BOOL_PROPERTY
  • Silences uninitialized variable warnings for other types.
  • These macros still have the potential to cause bugs due to uninitialized variables.
  • Added a default initialization for PipelineMessage code.

Version 6.5.121

6.5.121 New Filters & Features

6.5.121 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • ITK ImageImageStack (3D): Will now correctly import images with color channels. Previous versions of this filter would import images forcibly to Gray Scale without any input from the user.

6.5.121 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Fixed SVPipelineView execution lock on error (#332)

Version 6.5.119

6.5.119 New Filters & Features

  • Python bindings are now available if you build your own version of DREAM.3D/SIMPL.
  • Options to combine Euler angles and/or convert them to radians in the Bruker Esprit Importer

6.5.119 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Fixed issue where the Feature Face Curvature Filter was not being compiled (#889)
  • Fixed issue where the grid dimensions from .ang and .ctf files were not honored
  • Fixed issue where reading certain kinds of NeighborList arrays from HDF5 would fail or end up with corrupted data

6.5.119 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Fixed crash in RawBinaryReader when the number of skipped header bytes was larger then the amount of data being read into DREAM.3D

Version 6.5.104

6.5.104 New Filters & Features

  • Import Bruker Nano HDF5 based files (#856)
  • Import Zeiss AxioVisio montage image sets
  • Import HDF5 now allows drag-and-drop to select the input file and is consistent with other filters in DREAM.3D

6.5.104 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Export ASCII Data now allows all data into a single file (#878)
  • Fixed calculation of Ensemble Fractions. Reported by Helal Chowdhury (#881)
  • Fixed calculation of Feature Volumes when number of voxels exceeds a certain value (#862)

6.5.104 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Import ASCII data supports relative file paths (#298)
  • PipelineRunner does not search in lib directory for plugins on Linux (#300)
  • Import ASCII data does not compute the number of columns correctly (#302)
  • Provide improved feedback when the JSON parser encounters errors (#308)
  • Export ASCII Data now allows all data into a single file. (#309)
  • Incorrecct use of lambda inside a QUndo stack object was leading to crashes in the UI. (#313)
  • Import HDF5 File does not check for duplicate DataArrayPath entries. (#316)

Version 6.5.83

6.5.83 New Filters & Features

6.5.83 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Improvements to StatsGenerator Documentation and Axis ODF Widget. (#824)
  • Fix incorrect labeling on pole figures for Hexagonal High Laue Class (#826)
  • Add example pipeline that produces a cylindrical shaped synthetic microstructure (#828)
  • Fix regression in installation codes where some data directories were left out. (#829)
  • Update dataCheck() to use a standardized output file checking mechanism. (#833)
  • Add second strategy for parallel implementation of SampleSurfaceMesh (#835)
  • Update all classes to properly implement constructors and assignment operators. (#837)
  • Fix calculation of centroid of the voxel. (#841)
  • Allow some filters to set specific DataArrays t0 ignore during the tuple copy operations
  • Calculate GBCD: Fix crashing bug due to use of -1 as a pointer offset. (#845)
  • Multiple entries in the AxisODF table were not deserialized correctly. (#846)
  • Additional fixes to QuickSurfaceMesh to address triangle winding issues. (#847)

6.5.83 Fixed SIMPLView Issues

  • Fix issue in generated Filter that would cause compile errors on MSVC due to lack of EXPORT macro
  • Use distinct output name for the GUI plugin. Not doing so causes issues with debugging on MSVC
  • Fix bad CMake code generation in the Python wrapping code. Incorrect template filename was used.
  • Update codes to modern C++ standards using clang-tidy

6.5.83 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • LINUX: Properly move up a directory so that relative paths work correctly
  • Use the SVDialog as a superclass so that more GUI classes pick up the stying
  • Redo the Plugin Information UI to be more streamlined.
  • Improve Styling of Table widgets, improve AboutPlugins UX (#235)
  • Update TemplateHelpers implementations. (#237)
  • Removing pixmap that was being saved when creating an SVSpinBox.
  • Fix compile error on macOS 10.14 and Qt 5.11.1 (#247)
  • Fixes assert in setTuple in DataArray.hpp (#244)
  • Made FeatureDataCSVWriter use the new delimiter enum
  • Adds HexahedralGeom to CreateGeometry filter
  • Fix bugs in the SplitAttributeArrayTest and SplitAttributeArray filter (#251)
  • Fixing bug where changing "Start Import at Row" resets the data types in the Import ASCII Data wizard. (#254)
  • Allow wrapping of the file path in the Import ASCII Data Widget. (#258)
  • Create more verbose error message if parsing Json Pipeline fails. (#257)
  • Enable support for using the HDF5 1.10.3 library (#266)
  • Fix issue when reading a JSON file with an extended suffix.
  • Remove any colon characters that end up in a file path. (#271)
  • Update codes to modern C++ standards using clang-tidy

Version 6.5.47

6.5.47 New Filters & Features

  • ITKImageProcessing::ITKImageWriter gained the ability to write out various orthogonal planes from the image geometry.

6.5.47 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Update documentation for StatsGenerator to reflect Neighbor Distribution generation
  • Removed Write IPF Standard Triangle from available filters. Static images are available in the Data folder
  • Issue 817: Correctly calculate the northern hemisphere XYZ coord from the southern hemisphere
  • Issue 819: Allow users to pick either a Lambert or Discrete pole figure for the ODF tab in StatsGenerator

6.5.47 Fixed SIMPLView Issues

  • Change from 'Clear Cache' to 'Reset Preferences' which is more descriptive
  • Window settings are saved each time any dock widgets are moved or updated
  • Dock widgets with Tabs are now located at the top instead of the bottom.

6.5.47 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Fix issue in MultiAttributeMatrixSelectionWidget where the selections would not deserialize from a pipeline file correctly.
  • Issue #228: Fix issue where the contents of the QTextEdit would not be saved to the filter in the Pipeline Annotation Filter
  • Issue #233: Fix bug where disabled filters are not written to the pipeline files.
  • Merge Coordinate transform system into mainline develop branch.
  • Adding a sanity check when loading bookmarks to make sure that all bookmark items have the proper item type.
  • Added unit test for SplitAttributeArray filter
  • Improves the output location of files related to Python Wrapping when used with Visual Studio.

Version 6.5.36

6.5.36 New Filters & Features

No new features or filters were added. This bug fix is mainly a bug fix release based on feedback from users.

6.5.36 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Pack Primary Phases and Insert Precipitates now use "Feature Generation" filter parameter instead of "Alread Have Features"
  • Issue #809: changed the Feature Attribute Array Default Name from "AxisLengths" to "SemiAxisLengths," with other consistency changes (J. Tucker)
  • Issue #808: Adjust the min height of vertical tabs for some visual styles.
  • Issue #803: FindSizes overflow on large data
  • Issue #799: Allow FeatureInfoReader to accept comments in the file
  • Update prebuild pipelines that use the PackPrimaryPhases filter
  • Remove 'Input Stats File' for the estimation of number of features
  • Update documentation for PackPrimaryPhases (A.D. Rollett)
  • Update the Reference Frame documentation with edits from M.D. Graef.
  • Promote the "Detect Ellipsoids" filter into the Processing plugin

6.5.36 Fixed SIMPLView Issues

  • Updating the text in the dialog box that appears when the SIMPL_RELATIVE_PATH_CHECK CMake variable is On and no data directory path has been set previously. The dialog text is now consistent with the menu system text when telling users how to set a different data directory location.

6.5.36 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Import HDF5 Dataset: Now import multiple datasets per filter. Better guessing for the component dimensions
  • Fix bug where filter parameters were shared among multiple filter instances in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug where moving a filter would incorrectly prevent the filter from being deleted, thus causing the move to behave like a copy and place the same filter into the pipeline multiple times.
  • Fixed a bug in PipelineListWidget where the pipeline could be run even with errors if they were caused during pipeline execution. Updated PipelineListWidget to use an enum to check and change its current state rather than comparing text output to the UI.
  • Disabled the option of reading FilterPipelines from .dream3d files. If a .dream3d file is dropped into the pipeline view, a Read DREAM.3D Data File filter is automatically created for the file.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing cancel when asked if the user wants to import a .dream3d file as a pipeline or as an import data filter would not cancel the import process.
  • Issue #215: Fixed
  • Issue #212: Add a Hexahedral geometry class.
  • Promote several filters from DREAM3DReview into SIMPL/Core: Copy Object, Create Geometry, Crop Vertex Geometry, Extract Attribute Arrays from Geometry, Split Attribute Array

Version 6.5.10

6.5.10 New Filters & Features

  • Implemented a custom style for the BrandedDREAM3D folder where any intrepid developer can use any Qt5 supported CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) codes to completely customize the look of DREAM.3D/SIMPLView.
  • DREAM3D Issue #752: Add filter to reduce orientations to their fundamental zone.
  • Add ability to create discrete pole figures instead of Lambert based pole figures.
  • Pole Figures are now generated as PDF files using libHaru
  • Add new filter that allows the user to summarize a pipeline by entering text into a basic text edit widget
  • Add filter to convert from 3 Component Rodrigues vectors to 4 component
  • Add filter to compute the conjugate of a Quaternioni
  • Add filter to compute the transpose of an Orientation Matrix
  • Updated the organization of the Prebuilt pipelines.

6.5.10 Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Add cancel checks for the EMsoftSO3Sampler filter
  • Add information parameter that shows the size of the image geometry in real length units.
  • DREAM3D Issue #755: Implement a read only preflight updated value that states the range and delta for each axis in synthetic volume. This allows better feedback to the user that they are hitting specific size targets that they have in mind.
  • DREAM3D Issue #756: Figure out how to remove the JQuery.js file that Doxygen includes.
  • DREAM3D Issue #758: CMake code in the plugins are not generating any unit test code
  • DREAM3D Issue #760: DREAM.3D will crash when adjusting the RDF input values of the StatsGenerator filter
  • DREAM3D Issue #762: SPParks Dump File Importer does not properly calculate the bounds internally in the code when the BOX BOUNDS header is an integer.
  • DREAM3D Issue #764: Add warning to Alignment filters to warn user if any shift is greater than the dimension of the shift
  • DREAM3D Issue #765: Add a minimize button to the Help window.
  • DREAM3D Issue #766: xdmf file name is truncated at the first "." character instead of the last
  • DREAM3D Issue #767: Parallelize the AlignSections and NeighborOreintationCorrelation filters where the data is being copied around
  • DREAM3D Issue #773: Dream3D crashes when generating ensemble statistics
  • DREAM3D Issue #774: Parallelize Convert Orientation Representation
  • DREAM3D Issue #775: Segment Features by Misorientation takes too much time reallocating a std::vector. Investigate and fix
  • DREAM3D Issue #777: Qt 5.10.x & StatsGenerator Progress windows stays visible after StatsGenerator has loaded
  • DREAM3D Issue #780: Help Window can not be resized.
  • DREAM3D Issue #781: Help Window stops loading help files?
  • DREAM3D Issue #782: Combine Attribute Arrays should have an option to copy or move the data
  • DREAM3D Issue #783: Identify Sample Documentation needs example image when to to use the filter
  • DREAM3D Issue #784: Crop Volume (Image) needs to have a cancel check in the inner cropping loop
  • DREAM3D Issue #789: Calculate the Sphericity of each feature
  • DREAM3D Issue #794: Parallelize the FindNeighborhoods filter.ß
  • Enable Tetragonal High, Tetragonal Low, Trigonal High & Trigonal Low Laue Group for Pole Figure generation
  • Fix a regression where incorrect static_cast<> would cause black pole figures.
  • Fix memory leak in the LaueOps classes when multi-threading.
  • Fixing bug where choosing the Precipitate Rolled Preset in StatsGenerator would not display a dialog box.
  • Remove the IPF Legend filter due to use of QtGui. Insert into its place static 2kx2k pre-rendered images in the data folder

6.5.10 Fixed SIMPLView Issues

  • SIMPLView Issue #29: Updated the Show / Hide on Error preference values
  • SIMPLView Issue #33: Filter Parameter Input widget should add the pipeline index to the title
  • SIMPLView Issue #34: Add more information to the Image Geoemtry InfoString

6.5.10 Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Add new filter that allows the user to Summarize a pipeline
  • Added UUID to every filter. Loading pipelines now prefers to use the UUID, then falls back to the C++ classname
  • Clean up Memory leak in IssuesWidget due to no delete on the member pointer variable that represents the UI.
  • Convert the PipelineView Widget into a Dockable Widget and subclass from QListView
  • Fix GenerateColorTableTest unit test that was failing
  • Fix ImportAsciDataArray failing when reading boolean data from a file.
  • Fix issue where filters in pipelines that have 10 or more filters would not be read correctly and interpreted as unknown filters.
  • Fix many issues with over flows of int32 values and other crashes within the RadialDistribution Function class
  • Fix memory leak in ImportHDF5Dataset
  • ImageGeom & RectGridGeom: Fix crash issue where the number of Z Dimensions need to be greater than the number of processors.
  • Modernizing the CMake codes to use target specific properties where possible instead of global properties
  • Removing SafePointerDowncast and other old school C++ codes and updating to newer C++ 11/14 standards instead.
  • SIMPL Issue #29: Updating ReadASCIIData to allow the filter to read strings.
  • SIMPL Issue #141: Add information parameter that shows the size of the image geometry in real length units.
  • SIMPL Issue #144: Create a "Pipeline Summary" filter
  • SIMPL Issue #145: Fixing issue where the Cell Attribute Matrix was not written out for Rectilinear Grids
  • SIMPL Issue #147: Fix bug where the index was left off a pointer comparison.
  • SIMPL Issue #154: ImageGeom header throws warnings
  • SIMPL Issue #158: SIMPLib Unit test template file does not use the correct CMake variable
  • SIMPL Issue #164: Importing a .dream3d file does not select all DataArrays for importing
  • SIMPL Issue #167: Update const qualifiers on AbstractFilter for those methods that will not change the object instance
  • SIMPL Issue #168: CMake variable does not pass Windows install path requirements
  • SIMPL Issue #170: H5StatsDelegateReader does not properly read the Name of the StatsArray
  • SIMPL Issue #172: xdmf file name is truncated at the first "." character instead of the last
  • SIMPL Issue #176: Remove SITKExplicit library from SIMPL and Create ITKBridge Library instead.
  • SIMPL Issue #181: Help Window can not be resized.
  • SIMPL Issue #186: Add more information to the Image Geoemtry InfoString
  • SIMPL Issue #187: CreateGeometry and CreateImageGeometry should have better tooltips
  • SIMPL Issue #188: When searching for a filter, allow searching of the ClassName, HumanLabel, Plugin Name, Branding Label
  • Update all filter documentation with section stating which Example Pipelines the filter appears in