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Read Legacy DREAM.3D H5voxel File

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I/O Filters (Input)


This filter reads a legacy DREAM.3D file that holds the Euler Angles, Phases and GrainIds of each Cell. The Crystal Structures are also read from the file. While reading the file, the Feature map is sized to the largest GrainId observed.


Name Type
Input File File Path

Required DataContainers


Required Objects


Created Objects

Type Default Name Description Comment
Cell CellEulerAngles Three (3) angles (floats) defining the orientation of the Cell in Bunge convention (Z-X-Z)
Cell CellPhases Phase Id (int) specifying the phase of the Cell
Cell GrainIds Ids (ints) that specify to which Feature each Cell belongs.
Ensemble PhaseTypes Enumeration (int) specifying the type of phase of each Ensemble/phase is (Primary=0, Precipitate=1, Transformation=2, Matrix=3, Boundary=4)
Ensemble CrystalStructures Enumeration (int) specifying the crystal structure of each Ensemble/phase (Hexagonal=0, Cubic=1, Orthorhombic=2)

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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