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Export ASCII Data

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This Filter writes an array to a file as ASCII representations. The user may select the file extension and the maximum number of tuples printed per line. The user may also select the file delimiter from an enumerated list of values. For example, if an array has only 1 component (a simple scalar array) and the user selects "1" for the Maximum Tuples Per Line parameter then only a single vale will appear on each line. If the user selects an array that has 3 components (an array of 3D coordinates representing X, Y, Z locations in space) and the user selected 1 tuple per line, then the file will actually contain 3 values per line (the X, Y, Z values). If that same user selected 3 tuples per line then 9 values would be printed per line, and so on. More than one array to export may be selected at a time. All arrays may be selected or deselected at once with the Select/Deselect All checkbox. Each exported array is written as a separate file. All file names will match the array name.

The user may select to output a folder of files (MultiFile mode) or a single file that has all the data in column form.

Example Output

Phases.txt (one component) with 3 tuples/line, comma delimited:


EulerAngles.txt (three components) with 3 tuples/line, comma delimited:


EulerAngles.txt (three components) with 1 tuple/line, space delimited:

0.785398 0 0.785398
0.785398 0 0.785398
0.785398 0 0.785398
0.785398 0 0.785398


Choice of delimiter is as follows:

0 = , (comma)
1 = ; (semicolon)
2 = (space)
3 = : (colon)
4 = \t (tab)


Name Type Description
Output Path File Path The output file path
File Extension String File extension for output file(s)
Maximum Tuples Per Line int32_t Number of tuples to print on each line
OutputType Int 0=MultiFile, 1=Single File
OutputFilePath String In Single File Mode, the complete path to the output file
Delimiter Enumeration The delimeter separating the data

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Any Attribute Array None Any Any Output arrays to be written as ASCII representations

Created Objects


Example Pipelines

PrebuiltPipelines/Examples/INL Export

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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