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Find Surface Area to Volume

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Statistics (Morphological)


This Filter calculates the ratio of surface area to volume for each Feature in an Image Geometry. First, all the boundary Cells are found for each Feature. Next, the surface area for each face that is in contact with a different Feature is totalled. This number is divided by the volume of each Feature, calculated by taking the number of Cells of each Feature and multiplying by the volume of a Cell.

Note: The surface area will be the surface area of the Cells in contact with the neighboring Feature and will be influenced by the aliasing of the structure. As a result, the surface area to volume will likely be over-estimated with respect to the real Feature.

This filter also optionally calculate the Sphericity of each feature.

Equation for Sphericity used in the filter


Name Type
Calculate Sphericity Boolean

Required Geometry


Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Cell Attribute Array FeatureIds int32_t (1) Specifies to which Feature each Cell belongs
Feature Attribute Array NumCells int32_t (1) Number of Cells that are owned by the Feature. This value does not place any distinction between Cells that may be of a different size

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Feature Attribute Array SurfaceAreaVolumeRatio float (1) Ratio of surface area to volume for each Feature. The units are inverse length
Feature Attribute Array Sphericity float (1) The sphericity of each feature

Example Pipelines

  • (01) SmallIN100 Morphological Statistics

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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