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Convert Hexagonal Grid Data to Square Grid Data (TSL - .ang)

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This Filter will convert TSL .ang files on hexagonal grids to TSL .ang files on square grids by means of interpolation between points. Note that the resulting square grid .ang files may have more or less rows of data and that some data may be interpolated based on its neighbor data. By default, the spacing of the square grid will be the spacing between columns in the hexagonal grid.

This Filter is useful since most DREAM.3D routines for analyzing Ebsd data require a square grid. After using this Filter to bulk convert the TSL .ang files to square grids, it is suggested to use the Import Orientation File(s) to H5Ebsd Filter to convert the square grid .ang files to the H5Ebsd format. The user can then use the Read H5Ebsd File Filter to import the H5Ebsd file into DREAM.3D for analysis.

Convert Hexagonal Grid User Interface

The use of this Filter is similar to the use of the Import Orientation File(s) to H5Ebsd Filter. Please consult that Filter's documentation for a detailed description of the various user interface elements. Note that unlike the Import Orientation File(s) to H5Ebsd Filter, this Filter does not require either the Stacking Order or the Reference Frame to be modified.


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Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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