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SimulationIO (SimulationIO)


This Filter reads data files created by different simulation packages and saves the data in a newly created Data Container. Currently, it can read the output files obtained from ABAQUS, BSAM, and DEFORM.



ABAQUS saves all the output data in .odb file. This filter reads the .odb file, writes and runs a python script ( to extract the data from .odb file and saves it in odbtotxt.dat file, and then scans odbtotxt.dat file to save the data in a nely created Data Container. and odbtotxt.dat files are created in the directory mentioned in odb File Path field and are not deleted. This filter* reads data corresponding to a particular instance, step and frame.

Based on the operating system, the command used for running a python script in ABAQUS should be written in the ABAQUS Python Command field. Since the python script is executed in the background, following command should be entered in the case of WINDOWS:

cmd /C abaqus python

It is assumed that ABAQUS is installed on the machine and "abaqus python .py" is working on a command window. Currently, element types of C3D8, C3D8R, C3D4, CPE4, CPE4R, CPS4, CPS4R, CPE3, and CPS3 can be read using this filter*.


The output from BSAM consists of an array of .dat files, with each file corresponding to a different load step. This Filter reads one file at a time and saves the geometry (nodal coordinates and connectivity), nodal stresses and strains, nodal displacements, values of the variable "cluster" at different nodes, and nodal values of the variable "va" (va1, va2, va3, va4) in a newly created Data Container*. The current implementation is for brick elements with 8 nodes.


Two different types of output files are produced by DEFORM: (i) single time step (.DAT) file, and (ii) point tracking output (.RST) file. The option DEFORM in the drop-down menu of this filter is used to read the single time step file whereas the option "DEFORM_POINT_TRACK" is used to read the point tracking output file.

In the case of single time step file, this filter reads the quadrilateral mesh data (nodal coordinates and connectivity), and the value of variables such as stress, strain, ndtmp, etc at cells and nodes.

The point tracking output file consists of data at a set of points for different time steps. The filter creates an array of Data Containers, with each Data Container corresponding to a particular time step. In each Data Container, a Vertex geometry is used to store the information at different points. User also has the option to read data for just one time step by entering the value of the time step index that needs to be read. For example, if the point tracking file has data for time steps 0, 10 and 20, and the user wants to read in the data for time step number 20, it is required to enter 2 in the "Time step" field in the filter.


Name Type Description
FEA package Enumeration Package to be used
odb Name String Name of odb file, if ABAQUS is chosen
odb File Path Path Path of the directory where the odb file exists, if ABAQUS is chosen
ABAQUS Python Command String Command to run python scripts, if ABAQUS is chosen
Instance Name String Name of the instance in UPPER case, if ABAQUS is chosen
Step String Step number, if ABAQUS is chosen
Frame Number int Frame Number, if ABAQUS is chosen
Input File Path Name and address of the input file, if BSAM, DEFORM, or _DEFORM_POINT_TRACK_is chosen
Read Single Time Step bool Option to read just a single time step instead of all the time steps, if _DEFORM_POINT_TRACK_is chosen
Time Step int Specify the time step index, if _DEFORM_POINT_TRACK_is chosen and data corresponding to only one time step needs to be read in DREAM.3D

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Data Container DataContainer N/A N/A Created Data Container
Attribute Matrix VertexData Vertex N/A Created Vertex Attribute Matrix name
Attribute Matrix CellData Cell N/A Created Cell Attribute Matrix name
Time Series Bundle Name TimeSeriesBundle N/A N/A Created Time Series Bundle name, if _DEFORM_POINT_TRACK_is chosen

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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