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Import Image Stack Filter

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IO (Input)


This filter imports a 3D Stack of images in specially numbered sequences so that the resulting data has multiple components at each pixel. This might be handy if the user has RGB data where each channel is in a separate file. This filter is also handy for SEM multi-tilt series of images that need to be segmented.

For example a file set with the following names:


which comes from an SEM Multi-Tilt series data set can be explained as follows.

Path File Prefix Slice Index Separator Component Index File Suffixe File Extension
/Some/Path Small_IN100 1 - 0 tiff
/Some/Path Small_IN100 1 - 1 tiff
/Some/Path Small_IN100 1 - 2 tiff
/Some/Path Small_IN100 1 - 3 tiff

From this example the data set would have an ImageGeometry with a size of 610 x 610 x 1 (X, Y, Z) and the Cell data would be unsigned 8 bit char x 4 components where each component represents a specific tilt in the series.

Images/Small_IN100_1-0 Images/Small_IN100_1-0 Images/Small_IN100_1-0 Images/Small_IN100_1-0


8 Bit and 16 bit images (Both color and grayscale should be valid inputs). Color images will be converted to grayscale via the luminosity algorithm or just the first channel of the RGB array can be used. The final array MUST essentially be a multi-component grayscale image.


Name Type
Input File List VectorFileListInfo type
Origin float x 3
Resolution float x 3
Convert Color To Grayscale Bool
Data Container Name String
Cell Attribute Matrix Name String
Vector Data Array Name String

Required DataContainers


Required Objects


Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Data Container Data Container Name N/A N/A
ImageGeometry N/A N/A
Cell AttributeMatrix N/A N/A
VectorData N/A N/A


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Version 1.0.0

License See the License.txt file that came with DREAM3D.

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Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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