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Align Sections (List)

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Reconstruction (Alignment)


This Filter accepts a .txt file that has full Cells shifts that have already been calculated in it.

The format of the file is as follows:

slice_number xshift yshift
slice_number xshift yshift
slice_number xshift yshift

The slices must be ordered from the bottom of the sample to the top of the sample (i.e., the first line of shifts should be the second slice relative to the first, then the next line is the third slice relative to the second, and so on). Also, the file must be either space or tab delimited.

Note: Some of the other alignment Filters have the option to write out a .txt file with their calculated shifts in it. If the user would like to use one of these files then the input parameter "DREAM.3D Alignment File" can be turned on to indicate that the file came from one of these filters.


Name Type Description
Input File File Path The input .txt file path containing the shifts to apply to the sections
DREAM.3D Alignment File Bool Turn this ON if the alignment file was generated by another DREAM.3D Alignment filter
DataContainer Name String The name of the DataContainer that is used. The selected DataContainer MUST have an ImageGeometry.

Required Geometry


Required Objects


Created Objects


Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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