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Avizo Uniform Coordinate Writer

Group (Subgroup)

IO (Output)


This filter writes out a native Avizo Uniform Coordinate data file. Values should be present from segmentation of experimental data or synthetic generation and cannot be determined by this filter. Not having these values will result in the filter to fail/not execute.

Example Output

# Dimensions in x-, y-, and z-direction
define Lattice
define Coordinates
Parameters {
    DREAM3DParams {
        Author "DREAM3D",
    Units {
          Coordinates "microns"
     Content "   int, uniform coordinates",
     # Bounding Box is xmin xmax ymin ymax zmin zmax
     BoundingBox      ,
 CoordType "uniform"
Lattice { int FeatureIds } = @1
# Data section follows


Name Type Description
Output File File Path Amira Mesh .am file created
Write Binary File Boolean Binary file created, if checked

Required Geometry

Image / Rectilinear Grid

Required Objects

Type Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Cell FeatureIds Ids (Int) that specify to which Feature each Cell belongs. (1) Filters Known to Create Data: Segment Features (Misorientation, C-Axis Misorientation, Scalar) (Reconstruction), Read Dx File (IO), Read Ph File (IO), Pack Primary Phases (SyntheticBuilding), Insert Precipitate Phases (SyntheticBuilding), Establish Matrix Phase (SyntheticBuilding)

Created Objects


Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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