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Fit Distribution to Feature Data

Group (Subgroup)

Statistics (Ensemble)


This Filter will fit "common" statistical distributions (as chosen by the user) to specific Feature level attributes. The user can chose both which attributes to fit and with what distribution to fit them. The parameters that define the "best-fit" distributions will be stored in an Ensemble array. The user also has the option to remove biased Features from the fitting process.

Note: The array selected must be a scalar array


Name Type Description
Distribution Type Enumeration Specifies distribution type to fit to the data (options include lognormal, power and beta distributions)
Remove Biased Features Boolean Whether biased features are to be omitted from the binning counts

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Feature Attribute Array FitParameters Any (1) Selected feature array to be fit
Feature Attribute Array Phases int32_t (1) Specifies to which Ensemble each Feature belongs
Feature Attribute Array BiasedFeatures bool (1) Flag of 1 if Feature is biased or of 0 if it is not. Only required if Remove Biased Features is checked

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Ensemble Attribute Array Statistics float (2) or (3) Parameters of the fit distribution

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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