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Version 6.2.0 Release Notes

These release notes summarize the major changes for each officially released version of DREAM.3D. The official bug report is located at the DREAM.3D GitHub issues page.

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Version 6.2.327 Jan 6, 2016

  • DREAM.3D has new logo and splash screen!
  • Added Filter "Import ASCII Data", which implements a generic text reader to import data into DREAM.3D. The Filter utilizes a wizard to guide the user through importing their column-oriented ASCII data.
  • Added Filter "Combine Attribute Arrays", which allows the user to stack any number of Attribute Arrays to form a new combined array.
  • Added Filter "Find GBCD (Metric-Based Approach)" (contribution from K. Glowinski).
  • Added Filter "Combine Attribute Matrices" (contribution from M. Groeber).
  • The "Import Images (3D Stack)" Filter should now correctly recognize the number of pixel bytes in the incoming images.
  • Pipeline files written on Windows should no longer use escaped forward slashes in paths. This allows for better sharing of Pipelines across operating systems.
  • Fixed incorrect documentation on file formats for the "Pack Primary Phases" and "Insert Precipitate Phases" Filters.
  • Reverted change to packing routine in "Insert Precipitate Phases" Filter that made particles unable to overlap, which prevented reaching large volume fractions of precipitates. The Filter now functions the same as in version 4 of DREAM.3D.
  • Significantly sped up "Change Resolution" Filter.
  • Significantly sped up filters that perform segmentations (contribution from M. Groeber).
  • Updated internationalization settings on input widgets that allow the use of decimal numbers. These widgets should now correctly key off the local standards for use of commas and periods in decimal notation.
  • Refactored and parallelized the derivative calculations of all IGeometry classes.
  • Several prebuilt Pipelines have been consolidated and renamed for clarity.

Developer Notes

  • The DREAM.3D SDK has been update to support C++11. Developers are now free to use C++11 compliant code.
  • Shared pointers now use C++11 shared pointers instead of boost shared pointers.
  • Plugins that link against the ITK library now link against the SimpleITKExplicit library instead. This fixes potential address space issues when using multiple dynamically loaded libraries that may link agains ITK.
  • Filters should now implement their own versions for compiled library names, branding strings, and version numbers, instead of using the defaults from AbstractFilter.

Known Issues

  • When navigating the help window, the back and forward buttons may not function.

Version 6.2.63

  • Version 6.2.63 will be the last version to support OS X 10.8. The minimum version of OS X for all future DREAM.3D updates will be 10.9.
  • Fixed incorrect symbolic link creation for OS X builds that prevented documentation windows from properly appearing.
  • Fixed incorrect Filter input requirement in the "Write INL File" Filter (issue #471).
  • Fixed "Read H5EBSD File" not properly loading zMax value from a Pipeline file (issue #474).
  • Fixed potential array out of bounds error in "Align Sections (Mutual Information)" Filter (issue #472).
  • Fixed incorrect bounds check in "Fuse Regular Grids (Nearest Point)" Filter.
  • Added internationalization to a few DREAM.3D widgets.
  • Fixed issue when calculating the fundamental zone Rodrigues vector for hexagonal systems.
  • Fixed missing axis normalization in GBCD export Filters (issue #477).
  • Added ability in the "Quick Surface Mesh" Filter to carry forward any voxel information onto the generated surface mesh.
  • Added "Orientation Utility" Filter that will compute all 7 supported representations for a supplied orientation.
  • Fixed potential out of bounds crash in "Match Crystallography" Filter.

Developer Notes

  • Plugin CMake code has been updated to better organize projects in Visual Studio and Xcode.

Version 6.2.0

  • Completed migration of all internal rotation transformations to those documented in the paper "Tutorial: Consistent Representations of and Conversions Between 3D Rotations", D. Rowenhorst, A.D. Rollett, G.S. Rohrer, M. Groeber, M. Jackson, P.J. Konijnenberg, and M. De Graef.
  • The rotation transformation codes are tested to be internally consistent using 64 bit floating point precision. 32 bit floating point precision may result in symmetrically equivalent angles but not numerically equivalent angles for certain rotations. See the "Convert Orientations" Filter for more details.
  • Added feature where Data Container, Attribute Matrix and Attribute Array combo boxes can be filtered out by the type of object that is required. This helps the user make more informed decisions.
  • Fixed crash when using QImage to save an image whose total byte count would exceed the 32 bit signed integer limit.
  • Fixed issue where user adjusted start and end slices would be ignored or reset in the "Read H5Ebsd" Filter GUI.
  • Fixed issue in EbsdLib where the BS, BC and Grain ID columns from CTF data were not being read correctly from the H5Ebsd file.
  • Fixed crashes in FilterParameterUtilities due to missing checks for nullptr pointers.
  • Fixed error when trying to import EBSD files into an H5Ebsd file when the full output path was not available on the file system.
  • Fixed issue where some Filter parameters that represent extremely large numbers (> 2^33) were not read from the JSON files correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the red and blue channels were swapped when using the QImage based image importers.
  • Fixed issue where a DataArray object that was resized could potentially have its internal array marked as NOT ALLOCATED.
  • Added additional operators (<, >) to the "Neighbor CI Correlation" Filter and renamed the Filter to "Replace Element Attributes with Neighbor Values".
  • Added ability to build DREAM.3D without the use of QtWebEngine libraries. This allows DREAM.3D to be built on some HPC systems.
  • Fixed issue where erroneous coordinates would be returned for Image Geometry objects.
  • Added ability to have DREAM.3D open .json files on OS X.
  • Fix bug in erode/dilate mask Filter.
  • Added more data types that can be written to a VTK RectilinearGrid file
  • Added Filter to find the difference between two data arrays.
  • Added additional information to the Triangle Geometry export file.
  • Fixed crashing bugs and incorrect results for the "Feature Face Curvature" Filter.
  • Fixed 2D calculation issues with the "Find Shapes" Filter.
  • Added a RectGrid Geometry type, which represents an unstructured, rectilinear grid with variable resolution.
  • Added "Replace Value in Array" and "Replace Value in Array (Conditional)" Filters.
  • Added a "Find Feature Clustering" Filter.
  • Added additional capabilities to the "Generate Ensemble Statistics" Filter. The Filter can now compute statistics for a matrix phase correctly and incorporate an RDF for a precipitate phase as calculated by the "Find Feature Clustering" Filter.

Developer Notes

  • DREAM3DLib has changed names to SIMPLib which requires the minor version change from 6.1 to 6.2
  • FilterParameter API has changed with the ComboBox filtering.
  • Other API changes have also been added to DREAM.3D libraries.