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Convert Orientation Representations

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Orientation Analysis (Conversion)


This Filter generates a new orientation representation (see Data Layout Table below) for each Element, given the Input Orientation Representation for the Element. The following table lists the various orientation representations that are supported. DREAM3D is capable of converting between any representation with some caveats.

Data Layout

Orientation Representation No. of Components Representation Type Data Layout
EulerAngles 3 0 phi1, Phi, phi2
Orientation Matrix 9 1 Row Major Format
Quaternions 4 2 ( [x, y, z], w )
Axis Angle 4 3 ( [x, y, z], Angle)
Rodrigues Vectors 4 4 Internally DREAM.3D keeps a 4th component
Homochoric 3 5
Cubochoric 3 6

Data Range

The valid range for Euler angles is (Degrees):

+ phi-1: 0 to 360
+ Phi : 0 to 180
+ phi-2: 0 to 360

Data Conversion Notes

If the angles fall outside of this range the original Euler Input data WILL BE CHANGED to ensure they are within this range.

Precision Notes

While every effort has been made to ensure the correctness of each transformation algorithm, certain situations may arise where the initial precision of the input data is not large enough for the algorithm to calculate an answer that is intuitive. The user should be acutely aware of their input data and if their data may cause these situations to occur. Combinations of Euler angles close to 0, 180 and 360 can cause these issues to be hit. For instance an Euler angle of [180, 56, 360] is symmetrically the same as [180, 56, 0] and due to calculation errors and round off errors converting that Euler angle between representations may not give the numerical answer the user was anticipating but will give a symmetrically equivalent angle.


Name Type Description
Input Orientation Type Enumeration Specifies the incoming orientation representation
Output Orientation Type Enumeration Specifies to which orientation representation to convert the incoming data

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Any Attribute Array None float See above table Incoming orientation representation

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Any Attribute Array None float See above table Converted orientation representation

Example Pipelines

  • 02_Adaptive Alignment - Misorientation - Zero Shifts
  • (10) SmallIN100 Full Reconstruction
  • INL Export
  • 03_Adaptive Alignment - Mutual Information - SEM Images
  • MassifPipeline
  • InsertTransformationPhase
  • 04_Steiner Compact
  • (03) SmallIN100 Alignment

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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