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Read YS Choi Abaqus Vtk Output File

Group (Subgroup)

I/O Filters



Name Type
Input File File Path

Required DataContainers


Required Objects

Type Default Name Description Comment

Created Objects

Type Default Name Description Comment
Cell CellEulerAngles Three (3) angles (floats) defining the orientation of the Cell in Bunge convention (Z-X-Z)
Cell CellPhases Phase Id (int) specifying the phase of the Cell
Cell GrainIds Ids (ints) that specify to which Feature each Cell belongs.
Cell Quats Five (5) values (floats) that specify the orientation of the Cell in quaternion representation The first value is a dummy value, so each Cell has quat = {dummy, q1, q2, q3, q4} - where q1, q2, and q3 contain the axis information and q4 contains the angle information of the quaternion
Feature SurfaceFeatures Boolean flag equal to 1 if the Feature touches an outer surface of the sample and equal to 0 if it does not.
Ensemble CrystalStructures Enumeration (int) specifying the crystal structure of each Ensemble/phase (Hexagonal=0, Cubic=1, Orthorhombic=2)

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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