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Find Feature Saltykov Sizes

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Statistics Filters (Morphological)


This filter calculates the Saltykov sizes of all Features. The filter takes the EquavalentDiameters, of assumed 2D data, and estimates the 3D equivalent diameters. The filter will continue iteratively performing the Saltykov Method of spheres, starting with an initial guess of 10 size bins, until the number of features equals the number of Saltykov equivalent diameters to be sampled. If the number of Features to be sampled from the Saltykov bins is not equal to the number of Features then the difference between the two is calculated. Then, the number of attempts is incremented and the number of bins is increased/decreased based on the "difference" and the bin arrays are resized accordingly. This approach allows for the correct number of Features to result because increasing the number of bins increases the number of SaltykovEquavalentDiameters to be sampled and decreasing the number of bins does the opposite. However, if the number of maximum attempts, hardcoded at 10, is reached, random Saltykov bins are selected to add samples to until the the number of SaltykovEquavalentDiameters to be sampled equals the number of Features. This is done because it is assumed that after 10 attempts the solution is ocsillating between the minima. The filter is applied in such a way so that SaltykovEquivalentDiameters has the correct feature-level data length. This way, a direct one-to-one comparies between EquivalentDiameters and SaltykovEquivalentDiameters is possible. However, it is important to note that the SaltykovEquivalentDiameters are not a direct transformation of EquivalentDiameters that they are matched up with. For more information, see: Joseph C. Tucker, Lisa H. Chan, Gregory S. Rohrer, Michael A. Groeber, and Anthony D. Rollett. Comparison of grain size distributions in a ni-based superalloy in three and two dimensions using the saltykov method. Scripta Materialia, 66(8):554 - 557, 2012.


Required DataContainers


Required Objects

Type Default Name Description Comment Filters Known to Create Data
Feature EquivalentDiameters Diameter (float) of a sphere with the same volume as the Feature. Find Feature Sizes (Statistics)

Created Objects

Type Default Name Description Comment
Feature SaltykovEquivalentDiameters Diameter (float) of the Saltykov estimated sphere.

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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