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Steiner Compact

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Unsupported (Anisotropy)


This Filter estimates the morphological anisotropy of the grains on the basis of their profiles in the section planes. Normal to the section planes is selected to be perpendicular to one of the sample sites. Typically, anisotropy is analysed in the plane of mapping (with normal parallel to Z-direction).

Steiner compact is estimated by counting number of intersections of random test lines in specified directions with the grain boundaries (rose of intersections). This Filter creates a .vtk file which can be visualized in Paraview. Steiner compacts for different phases are distinguished by different Z-coordinate in the output file.

The user can set the (maximum) number of sites of the Steiner compact. This corresponds to the number of directions for which the hits of the grain boundaries by random test lines are counted. Note that the actual number of sites can be lower since some of the sites can have zero length.


Name Type Description
Section Plane int Section plane where the Steiner compact is found.
Number Of Sites int Number of sites of the Steiner compact.
Output File File Path The output .vtk file path where the Steiner compact is drawn.

Required Geometry


Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Cell Attribute Array FeatureIds int32_t (1) Specifies to which Feature each Cell belongs
Cell Attribute Array Phases int32_t (1) Specifies to which Ensemble each Cell belongs.

Created Objects



Journal articles on Steiner Compact that are useful:

  • Analysis of planar anisotropy by means of the Steiner compact. J. Appl. Prob. 26:490-502. Rataj, J. and Saxl, I. (1989).
  • Planar anisotropy revisited. Kybernetika 36(2): 149-164. Benes, V. and Gokhale, A.M. (2000).
  • Non-parametric estimation of the directional distribution of stationary line and fibre processes. Adv. in Appl. Prob. 33(1): 6-24. Kiderlen, M. (2001).

Example Pipelines

  • 04_Steiner Compact

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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