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Identify Dislocation Segments

Group (Subgroup)

Unsupported (FeatureIdentification)


This Filter groups neighboring Features that have c-axes aligned within a user defined tolerance. The algorithm for grouping the Features is analogous to the algorithm for segmenting the Features - only the average orientation of the Features are used instead of the orientations of the individual Cells and the criterion for grouping only considers the alignment of the c-axes. The user can specify a tolerance for how closely aligned the c-axes must be for neighbor Features to be grouped.

NOTE: This filter is intended for use with Hexagonal materials. While the c-axis is actually just referring to the <001> direction and thus will operate on any symmetry, the utility of grouping by <001> alignment is likely only important/useful in materials with anisotropy in that direction (like materials with Hexagonal symmetry).


Required Arrays

Type Default Name Description Comment Filters Known to Create Data
EdgeData Burgers Vectors
EdgeData Slip Plane Normals

Created Arrays

Type Default Name Description Comment
Feature Active Boolean value specifying if the Feature is still in the sample (1 if the Feature is in the sample and 0 if it is not). At the end of the filter, all Features will be "Active" as the "Inactive" Features will have been removed.
EdgeData Edge Data
EdgeData Dislocation Ids
AttributeMatrix EdgeFeatureData
EdgeFeature Edge Feature Data

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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