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Find Feature Sizes

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Statistics (Morphological)


This Filter calculates the sizes of all Features. The Filter simply iterates through all Elements querying for the Feature that owns them and keeping a tally for each Feature. The tally is then stored as NumElements and the Volume and EquivalentDiameter are also calculated (and stored) by knowing the volume of each Element.

During the computation of the Feature sizes, the size of each individual Element is computed and stored in the corresponding Geometry. By default, these sizes are deleted after executing the Filter to save memory. If you wish to store the Element sizes, select the Save Element Sizes option. The sizes will be stored within the Geometry definition itself, not as a separate Attribute Array.


Name Type Description
Save Element Sizes bool Whether the to store the individual Element sizes

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Element Attribute Array FeatureIds int32_t (1) Specifies to which Feature each Element belongs
Attribute Matrix FeatureData Feature N/A Feature Attribute Matrix of the selected Feature Ids

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Feature Attribute Array EquivalentDiameters float (1) Diameter of a sphere with the same volume as the Feature
Feature Attribute Array NumElements int32_t (1) Number of Elements that are owned by the Feature. This value does not place any distinction between Elements that may be of a different size
Feature Attribute Array Volumes float (1) Volume of the Feature. This value may be "redundant" from the NumElements value if all Elements are the same size and is calculable from the EquivalentDiameters value

Example Pipelines

  • (01) SmallIN100 Morphological Statistics
  • (10) SmallIN100 Full Reconstruction
  • InsertTransformationPhase
  • (06) SmallIN100 Postsegmentation Processing
  • (06) SmallIN100 Synthetic
  • (09) Image Segmentation

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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