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Import ASCII Data

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This Filter reads ASCII data from any text-based file and imports the data into DREAM.3D-style arrays. The user uses the Filter's wizard to specify which file to import, how the data is formatted, what to call each array, and what type each array should be.

Note: This Filter is intended to read data that is column-oriented, such that each created DREAM.3D array corresponds to a column of data in the ASCII file. Therefore, this Filter will only import scalar arrays. If multiple columns are in fact different components of the same array, then the columns may be imported as separate arrays and then combined in the correct order using the Combine Attribute Arrays Filter.

Separating the Data

After clicking the Import Data... button and selecting a file, a wizard appears. The user can choose how the data is delimited: comma (,), tab, semicolon (;) or space ( ). The user may also elect to treat consecutive delimiters as one delimiter.

Selecting how the data is separated

Selecting the Delimiter

Selecting the delimiting character(s)

Selecting Import Rows, Data Representation and Column Headers

On the last page, the user can set the following information:

  • Row index to start the import
  • Header names, either from a line number in the file or manually through a dialog box or select the generated header values
  • Column data format (choosing the data type or deciding to skip the column)

Setting Numerical Representations, Column Headers and other information

If the data does not have any headers, the user can set a string value for each column. These values will be used as the name of the Attribute Array in DREAM.3D.

Setting Names of each Column which will be used as the name of each **Attribute Array**


Name Type Description
Wizard Data Object ASCIIWizardData The object that holds all relevant data collected from the wizard

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Attribute Matrix None Any 1 The path to the attribute matrix to store the arrays that will be imported

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
One or more Element/Feature/Ensemble/etc. Attribute Array None Any 1 One or more arrays that are created due to importing ASCII data via the wizard

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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