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Export GBCD Pole Figure (VTK)

Group (Subgroup)

IO (Output)


This Filter creates a .vtk file that can be used in ParaView to visualize a Grain Boundary Character Distribution (GBCD) pole figure. The user must select the relevant phase for which to write the pole figure by entering the phase index.

Regular Grid Visualization of the Small IN100 GBCD results

Using ParaView's Threshold filter + Cells to Points + Delaunay2D Filters


Name Type Description
Phase of Interest int32_t Index of the Ensemble for which to plot the pole figure
Crystal Structure Enumeration Crystal structure for GBCD. Currently supports from Hexagonal-High 6/mmm or Cubic-High m-3m symmetries
Misorientation Axis-Angle float (4x) Axis-Angle pair values for drawing GBCD
Output Regular Grid VTK File File Path The output .vtk file path

Required Geometry


Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Ensemble Attribute Array GBDC double (n,m,l,o,q,r) 5 parameter GBCD data. The 6th component is used internally to track the northern vs. southern hemisphere of the Lambert sphere

Created Objects


Example Pipelines

  • (04) SmallIN100 GBCD

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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