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Import Bruker Nano Esprit EBSD Data (.h5)

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This Filter will read a single .h5 file into a new Data Container with a corresponding Image Geometry, allowing the immediate use of Filters on the data instead of having to generate the intermediate .h5ebsd file. A Cell Attribute Matrix and Ensemble Attribute Matrix will also be created to hold the imported EBSD information. Currently, the user has no control over the names of the created Attribute Arrays.

User interface before entering a proper "Z Spacing" value and selecting which scans to include.
User interface AFTER setting the "Z Spacing" and selecting files.

Notes About Reference Frames

The user should be aware that simply reading the file then performing operations that are dependent on the proper crystallographic and sample reference frame will be undefined or simply wrong. In order to bring the crystal reference frame and sample reference frame into coincidence, rotations will need to be applied to the data. The recommended filters are:

If the data has come from a TSL acquisition system and the settings of the acquisition software were in the default modes, the following reference frame transformations may need to be performed based on the version of the OIM Analysis software being used to collect the data:

  • Sample Reference Frame: 180o about the <010> Axis
  • Crystal Reference Frame: 90o about the <001> Axis

The user also may want to assign un-indexed pixels to be ignored by flagging them as "bad". The Threshold Objects Filter can be used to define this mask by thresholding on values such as MAD > xx.


Name Type Description
Input File File Path The input .h5 file path
Scan Name Enumeration The name of the scan in the .h5 file. EDAX can store multiple scans in a single file
Z Spacing float The spacing in microns between each layer.
Origin float (3x1) The origin of the volume
Read Pattern Data bool Default=OFF

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects


Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Data Container ImageDataContainer N/A N/A Created Data Container name with an Image Geometry
Attribute Matrix CellData Cell N/A Created Cell Attribute Matrix name
Attribute Matrix CellEnsembleData Cell Ensemble N/A Created Cell Ensemble Attribute Matrix name

Created Cell Attribute Arrays

These arrays will most likely be created but is not guaranteed. Additional arrays (unknown at the time of writing) may also be created.

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Cell Attribute Array DD float (1)
Cell Attribute Array MAD float (1) Mean Angular Deviation
Cell Attribute Array MADPhase int (1)
Cell Attribute Array NIndexedBands int (1)
Cell Attribute Array PCX float (1) Pattern Center X
Cell Attribute Array PCY float (1) Pattern Center Y
Cell Attribute Array Phase int (1)
Cell Attribute Array RadonBandCount int (1)
Cell Attribute Array RadonQuality float (1)
Cell Attribute Array RawPatterns float (1)
Cell Attribute Array XBEAM int (1)
Cell Attribute Array YBEAM int (1)
Cell Attribute Array XSAMPLE float (1)
Cell Attribute Array YSAMPLE float (1)
Cell Attribute Array Euler Angles float (3) Note the filter will create the Euler Angles array by interleaving the phi1, PHI and phi2 data arrays from the data file.
Cell Attribute Array Pattern uint8_t (NxM) The pattern data may be very large. There is an option to NOT read it into DREAM.3D if it is not needed by the analysis.

Created Ensemble Attribute Arrays

These arrays will most likely be created but is not guaranteed. Additional arrays (unknown at the time of writing) may also be created.

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Ensemble Attribute Array CrystalStructures uint32_t (1) Enumeration representing the crystal structure for each Ensemble
Ensemble Attribute Array LatticeConstants float (6) The 6 values that define the lattice constants for each Ensemble
Ensemble Attribute Array MaterialName String (1) Name of each Ensemble

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

DREAM.3D Mailing Lists

If you need more help with a Filter, please consider asking your question on the DREAM.3D Users Google group!