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Read HEDM Data (.mic)

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IOFilters (Input)


This filter will read a single .mic file into the VoxelDataContainer allowing the immediate use of filters on the data instead of having to generate the intermediate .h5ebsd file. The user should be aware that simply reading the file then performing operations that are dependent on the proper crystallographic and sample reference frame will be undefined or simply wrong. In order to bring the crystal reference frame and sample reference frame into coincidence the proper filters need to be run. The user should read the documentation for the "Rotate Sample Reference Frame" and "Rotate Euler Reference Frame".

The user also may want to assign unindexed pixels to be ignored and be assigned an RGB Color of Black. In this case the user can insert the Single Threshold (Cell Data) Filter to define the "Good Voxels" cell data. For HKL data the "Error" column defines each point as being properly indexed (Value = 0) or an error occurred and the point was not indexed (Value > 0).


Name Type
Input File The Path to the .ang or .ctf file

Required Arrays


Required DataContainers


Created Arrays

Arrays are created based on the data read from the EBSD file.

Type Default Array Name Description Comment
Int SomeName .... other


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