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Generate Misorientation Colors

Group (Subgroup)

Processing (Crystallography)


This Filter will generate colors based on the method developed by C. Schuh and S. Patala for cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal, or orthorhombic crystal structures (currently only the cubic high symmetry is working)[1]. Orientations are colored by disorientation relative to a reference orientation. The user can enter a Reference Orientation Axis and a Reference Orientation Angle relative to the sample reference frame. The default reference orientation is the sample frame (misorientation from sample frame: 0o about [001]). The Filter also has the option to apply a black color to all "bad" Elements, as defined by a boolean mask array, which can be generated using the Threshold Objects Filter.

Important Implementation Notes

The user should be aware of the crystal symmetry (Laue Group and Point Group) of their data. The Filter is only valid for certain point groups within a Laue group (See table below).

Color Output Notes

With other coloring methods, such as IPF, "bad" Elements which result from non-indexed EBSD scans can be colored with a black color. Since the misorientation coloring scheme uses all possible colors, marking voxels in an image in such a way that the voxels stand out is not possible.

Crystal Symmetry Implementations

Crystal Symmetry (Laue) Hermann Mauguin Symbol Schoenflies Symbol Laue Class Implemented (Legend)
Triclinic 1, -1 C1, C1 -1 Not Implemented
Monoclinic 2, m, 2/m C2, Cs, C2h 2/m Not Implemented
Orthorhombic 222,, 2/m 2/m 2/m D2, D2h mmm
Orthorhombic mm2 C2v mmm Not Implemented
Trigonal (Low) 3, -3 C3, C3i -3 Not Implemented
Trigonal (High) 32, 3m, -32/m D3, C3v, D3d -3m Not Implemented
Tetragonal (Low) 4, -4, 4/m C4, S4, C4h 4/m Not Implemented
Tetragonal (High) 422, 4/m 2/m 2/m D4, D4h 4/mmm
Tetragonal (High) 4mmm, -42m C4v, D2d 4/mmm Not Implemented
Hexagonal (Low) 6, -6, 6/m C6, C3h, C6h 6/m Not Implemented
Hexagonal (High) 622, 6/m 2/m 2/m D6, D6h 6/mmm
Hexagonal (High) 6mm, -62m C6v, D3h 6/mmm Not Implemented
Cubic (Low) 23, 2/m-3 T, Th m-3
Cubic (High) 432, 4/m -3 2/m O, Oh m-3m
Cubic (High) -43m Td m-3m Not Implemented

Example Output Images

Small IN100 courtesy of [2] showing a generally random texture

Interstitial Free (IF) Steel courtesy of [3]


Name Type Description
Reference Orientation Axis float (3x) The reference axis with respect to compute the disorientation
Reference Orientation Angle (Degrees) float The reference angle with respect to compute the disorientation
Apply to Good Elements Only (Bad Elements Will Be Black) bool Whether to assign a black color to "bad" Elements

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Element Attribute Array Quats float (3) Specifies the orientation of each Element in quaternion representation
Element Attribute Array Phases int32_t (1) Phase Id specifying the phase of the Element
Element Attribute Array Mask bool (1) Used to define Elements as good or bad. Only required if Apply to Good Elements Only (Bad Elements Will Be Black) is checked
Ensemble Attribute Array CrystalStructures uint32_t (1) Enumeration representing the crystal structure for each Ensemble

Created Objects

Type Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Element Attribute Array MisorientationColors uint8_t (3) The RGB colors encoded as unsigned chars


[1]: S. Patala, J. Mason, C. Schuh, 2012. Improved representations of misorientation information for grain boundary science and engineering. Prog Mater Sci. 57, 1383-1425.

[2]: M. Groeber, B.K. Haley, M.D. Uchic, D.M. Dimiduk, S. Ghosh, 3D reconstruction and characterization of polycrystalline microstructures using a FIB SEM system Data Sets. Materials Characterization 2006, 57:259 -273.

[3]: N. Allain-Bonasso, F. Wagner, S. Berbenni, D.P. Field, A study of the heterogeneity of plastic deformation in IF steel by EBSD, Materials Science and Engineering: A, Volume 548, 30 June 2012, Pages 56-63, ISSN 0921-5093, (

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin