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Convert Attribute Data Type

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This Filter converts attribute data from one primitive type to another by using the built in translation of the compiler. This Filter can be used if the user needs to convert an array into a type that is accepted by another Filter. For example, a Filter may need an input array to be of type int32_t but the array that the user would like to use is uint16_t. The user may use this Filter to create a new array that has the proper target type (int32_t).

This Filter is here for convenience and should be used with great care and understanding of the input and output data. This Filter should rarely be required, and if the user thinks that they require this Filter then a detailed examination of all the data involved should be undertaken to avoid possible undefined behaviors.

Important Notes

Up Casting

Upcasting is most likely well defined by the compilers. This is the act of creating a new array using a primitive value that is represented by more bytes than the original data. For example, if the user converts 1 byte integers into 4 byte integers or converted 4 byte floats into 8 byte floats.

Down Casting

Down casting can have undefined behavior depending on the primitive types involved. Down casting is the opposite of up casting and involves converting data from a larger byte count representation to a representation of lower byte count. For example, converting 4 byte integers into 2 byte integers or 8 byte floats into 4 byte floats. What happens to the data depends on the range of values in the original array. If the target type's range can hold all the values of the original array's values, then the conversion would have a well defined outcome.

Signed/Unsigned Conversions

When converting data from signed values to unsigned values or vice-versa, there can also be undefined behavior. For example, if the user were to convert a signed 4 byte integer array to an unsigned 4 byte integer array and the input array has negative values, then the conversion rules are undefined and may differ from operating system to operating system.


Name Type Description
Scalar Type Enumeration Convert to this data type

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Any Attribute Array None Any Any Array to convert

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Any Attribute Array None Any Any The converted array

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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