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Find Ellipsoid Error

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Statistics Filters (Morphological)


Between the Find Shapes and Find Centroids filters, an ideal ellipsoid for each Feature can be described by the centroids, axis lengths and angles of rotation into the sample reference frame. This filter calculates the fraction of cells of each feature that lie outside the ideal ellipse described by those parameters.

Currently, this filter only works on 2D Data.


Name Type Comments
Write Ideal Ellipse Feature Ids Bool This writes out a cell array containing the ideal feature IDs. This is only for visualization, and can be a lengthy calculation

Required Objects

Type Default Name Description Comment Filters Known to Create Data
Cell FeatureIds Ids (ints) that specify to which Feature each Cell belongs. Values should be present from segmentation of experimental data or synthetic generation and cannot be determined by this filter. Not having these values will result in the filter to fail/not execute. Segment Features (Misorientation, C-Axis Misorientation, Scalar) (Reconstruction), Read Dx File (IO), Read Ph File (IO), Pack Primary Phases (SyntheticBuilding), Insert Precipitate Phases (SyntheticBuilding), Establish Matrix Phase (SyntheticBuilding)
Feature Centroids X, Y, Z coordinates (floats) of Feature center of mass Find Feature Centroids (Generic)
Feature NumCells Number of cells (int) of each Feature. Find Feature Sizes (Statistics)
Feature AxisEulers The euler angles in radians (3 component - float) required to rotate the ellipsoid into the sample reference frame Feature. Find Feature Shapes (Statistics)
Feature AxisLengths Length in microns (3 component - float) of each axis of the ellipsoid. They are ordered from largest to smallest Feature. Find Feature Shapes (Statistics)

Created Objects

Type Default Name Description Comment
Feature EllipsoidError This is the fraction of cells of a feature that lie outside the ideal ellipse calculated for that feature
Cell IdealFeatureIds This assigns each cell the feature number that owns it if each feature was a perfect ellipse. This is primarily for visualization purposes. Often two ideal ellipses may overlap, and only one feature can own a cell, so it may seem as though some ellipses are cut off. For the actual calculation of the error, the ideal ellipses are not cut off.

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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