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Version 6.1.0 Release Notes

These release notes summarize the major changes for each officially released version of DREAM.3D. The official bug report is located at the DREAM.3D GitHub issues page.

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Version 6.1.77

  • Fixed incorrect calculation of Euclidean distance in the Find Euclidean Distance Map Filter.
  • Fixed crashes in generation of misorientation colors due to the incorrect sizes of Rodrigues vectors. All space groups should now return the correctly sized Rodrigues vectors.
  • Added a check to ensure the proper number of columns are read from a CTF file.
  • Fixed issues with preflighting certain parameters in Filters that subclass from another Filter. This includes the align sections Filters and the segmentation Filters.
  • Fixed the GUI of the Convert Hex Grid to Square Grid Filter to allow the user to select the output directory.
  • Added a check to the ANG readers to properly check the reading of hex grid ANG files.
  • Fixed issue where StatsGenerator would not properly save a texture if it had been bulk loaded from an angles file.
  • The StatsGenerator GUI has been redesigned to put pole figures into their own tabs. This allows for the pole figures to be visualized on smaller screens.
  • Added Filter that writes out an orientations file that can be loaded by StatsGenerator to represent the texture. This file is now the default used by StatsGenerator to bulk load a texture.
  • Fixed issue with resizing and saving pole figures in StatsGenerator.
  • Added check in StatsGenerator to ensure that A >= B >= C in the rolled preset dialog.
  • Added Filter that uses ITK to read a stack of images. This Filter will ensure that imported images are of the correct type (e.g., RGBA, RGB, grayscale, 32-bit float, etc.). The other Filter that imports a stack of images uses the Qt image readers, which will convert everything to an RGBA array.
  • Fixed crashing and incorrect calculations in the Find Feature Face Curvature Filter.
  • Fixed crashing during renumbering of Features in the Change Resolution Filter.

Version 6.1.3

  • Fixed issue with the PhaseTypeSelectionFilterParameter and ShapeTypeSelectionFilterParameter classes where they were not returning the proper widget type.

Version 6.1.0

  • Major change to the way FilterParameters and user interface widgets interact. There is now an explicit one-to-one mapping of a Filter Parameter to a user interface widget. This mail effects developers.
  • Added widget to create an AttributeMatrix.
  • Fixed issue detecting when the pipeline document has changed. This would manifest itself by not allowing the user to save the pipeline.
  • Fixed issue with DynamicTableFilterParameter not copying its data to a new Filter instance.
  • Fixed issue where preflight errors that occur just before actually executing the pipeline would not appear in the Issues Table.
  • Fixed issue with the "Rotate Sample Reference Frame" Filter where the inputs would show as combo boxes instead of edit fields to set the axis and angle.
  • Fixed issue with the "Rotate Euler Reference Frame" Filter where the inputs would show as combo boxes instead of edit fields to set the axis and angle.
  • Updated the shell scripts to compile the DREAM3D_SDK libraries.
  • Added additional information to update request headers.
  • Fix bug in PreflightUpdatedValue widget.
  • DataContainerArrayProxyWidget now only preflights when a value changes.
  • Hyperlinks in the Issues table now open the Filter in the normal help window instead of the users web browser.
  • Added new Menu Item to clear the users preferences file.