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Generate Euler Colors

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This filter will generate an RGB color for each Cell that is calculated from the Euler Angles for the cell. If you want IPF Colors this is NOT the filter for you, use the Generate IPF Colors filter. The algorithm is to assign a color component based on a scale of the following:

Euler Component Min Value (Radians) Max Value (Radians) Calculation
phi1 (Euler 0) 0 2 Pi phi1 / 2Pi * 255
Phi (Euler 1) 0 Pi Phi / Pi * 255
phi2 (Euler 2) 0 2 Pi phi2 / 2Pi * 255


Given the set of Euler Angles (0.43765, 0.265830, 5.583250) would result in RGB Values of [17, 21, 226].

Example Data Set using Euler Colors @image latex EulerColor_1.png " " width=6in

Example Data Set using IPF Colors @image latex IPFColor_1.png " " width=6in

Input Options


Required DataContainers

Voxel DataContainer

Required Objects

Type Default Name Description Comment Filters Known to Create Data
Cell CellEulerAngles These are the angles used to determine the colors Read H5Ebsd File (IO), Match Crystallography (SyntheticBuilding)

Created Objects

Type Name Description Comment
Cell EulerColors The RGB colors are encoded as an unsigned char triplet


Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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