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Create Sphere (Lambert Projection Technique)

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Surface Meshing (Processing)


This filter will generate a 3D Unit sphere using a techinque involving a transformation from a Lambert Square to a Unit Sphere.

The algorithm uses equations (8) & (9) from the paper D. Rosca, "New uniform grids on the sphere" Astronomy & Astrophysics, 520, A63 (2010)

Input master pattern image from EMsoft package.

Input master pattern as a stereographic projection.

Output Norther Sphere as generated by the filter

The algorithm proceeds to create a vertex at the corner of every pixel in the image and a quad cell type for every pixel. The resulting Quad mesh is an equal area mesh.


Name Type Description
Hemisphere int 0=Northern, 1=Southern
Create Vertex Geometry Bool Creates Vertex Geometry
Create Edge Geometry Bool Creates Edge Geometry
Create Triangle Geometry Bool Creates Triangle Geometry
Create Quad Geometry Bool Creates Quad Geometry
Map Image Data Bool Assigns values from the array to the elements of the new geometries

Required Geometry


Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Data Array Image Data UInt8 1 Gray Scale image.

Generating a GrayScale Image

First use the Color Table filter to generate a color table. Use the "Gray Scale" preset for this. The new array will actually be an RGB or 3 Component UInt8 array. You can either use the Extract Component as Array filter or the Color to GrayScale filter to create the final gray scale image.

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Output Vertex Geometry Vertex Geometry Parent Geomerty
Output Edge Geometry Edge Geometry Parent Geomerty
Output Triangle Geometry Triangle Geometry Parent Geomerty
Output Quad Geometry Quad Geometry Parent Geomerty

Created Geometry

Vertex, Edge, Triangle, QuadGeometry

Example Pipelines

  • Create Lambert Sphere Surface

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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