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ITKImageProcessing (ITKImageProcessing)


Read in a stack of 2D images into a 3D volume with ITK. Supports most common scalar pixel types and the many file formats supported by ITK. Images are read in as an Image Geomotry. The user must specify the origin in physical space and resolution (uniform physical size of the resulting Cells).


  • Input Directory
  • File Ordering (Ascending or Descending)
  • Origin
  • Resolution

Required Objects


Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Data Container ImageDataContainer N/A N/A Created Data Container name Image Geometry
Attribute Matrix CellData Cell N/A Created Cell Attribute Matrix name
Cell Attribute Array ImageData Varies based on input (n)

Example Pipelines

  • (08) Image Initial Visualization
  • (09) Image Segmentation

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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