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Find Derivatives

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This Filter computes the spatial derivatives of an input Attribute Array. The output array will have 3 times the number of components of the input array, since the derivatives are computed for each direction. The algorithm used to compute the derivatives depends on the underlying Geometry on which the array lies:

Image & RectGrid Geometries

For the grid-based geometries, the derivatives are computed using centered finite differences on a seven-point stencil. The grid spacings are properly taken into account during the finite differencing.

Unstructured Geometries

Since a Vertex Geometry carries no connectivity, no spatial derivatives are computed. The output array will consist of zeroes.

For the Edge Geometry, the derivatives are computed using a simple finite difference between values on a given Edge's nodes, weighted by the length of the edge.

For all other Geometries, the spatial derivatives are computed using the shape functions for the given unit element. First, the Jacobian matrix for the derivatives of the shape functions for the given unit element is computed using the element's Vertex coordinates. If the unit element is inherently 2D (e.g., a triangle), then it will first be projected from a 3D basis onto a 2D basis for the Jacobian computation. The nodal values are then interpolated to the unit element's parametric center using the shape functions. The derivative values are then computed by matrix multiplying the inverse of the Jacobian matrix with the interpolated nodal values. This results in the derivative being stored on the given unit element.

The above techniques require that the selected Attribute Array exist on the Vertices of the given unstructured Geometry. If the user selects an array that exists on the primary unit element (e.g., selecting a Cell array for a Tetrahedral Geometry), then the element values are first interpolated to the vertices of each element. The Vertex values are computed as the average of all element values to which that Vertex belongs.



Required Geometry


Required Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Element Attribute Array None Any Any The array for which the derivatives will be calculated

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
Element Attribute Array Derivtaives double 3 x the input array The output derivatives array

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this Plugin

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