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Generate Primary StatsData

Group (Subgroup)

StatsGenerator (StatsGenerator)


This filter allows the user to generate statistics for a Primary phase that is suitable for use as an input into the @see InsertPrimaryPhases filter when generating a synthetic microstructure. The goal of this particular filter is in the use/generation of automated pipeline files. In this scenario the power user is wanting to generate a varied array of microstructures using some sort of scripting environment or language. By careful replacements of the values in a pipeline file the user can automate the generation of a synthetic microstructure. If the use wishes to have a more interactive environment in which to explore the various distribution curves then the @see StatsGenerator filter should be used instead.

Centrosymmetric Groups (Laue Groups)

Name Value Notes
Hexagonal_High 0 Hexagonal-High 6/mmm
Cubic_High 1 Cubic Cubic-High m3m
Hexagonal_Low 2 Hexagonal-Low 6/m
Cubic_Low 3 Cubic Cubic-Low m3 (Tetrahedral)
Triclinic 4 TriClinic -1
Monoclinic 5 Monoclinic 2/m
OrthoRhombic 6 OrthoRhombic mmm
Tetragonal_Low 7 Tetragonal-Low 4/m
Tetragonal_High 8 Tetragonal-High 4/mmm
Trigonal_Low 9 Trigonal-Low -3
Trigonal_High 10 Trignal-High -3m
LaueGroupEnd 11 The end of the Laue groups
UnknownCrystalStructure 999 UnknownCrystalStructure


Name Type Description
PhaseName String Name of the Phase
PhaseIndex int Index of the Phase (One based)
CrystalSymmetry int 1 ~ 11 that represents the Crystal Symmetry
MicroPresetModel int Preset Model ( 0:Equiaxed, 1:Rolled, 2:Recrystallized)
PhaseFraction double The fraction of phase in the synthetic volume
Mu double The average value of the lognormal grain size distribution. Note that this is the average value of log(ESD). This value is in the same arbitrary units of length, but is not the average Feature size
Sigma double The standard deviation of the lognormal grain size distribution. Note that this is not the standard deviation of the actual Feature size distribution, but of the log(ESD) values. This value controls the length of the "tails" of the distribution
MinCutOff double Allows the user to truncate the distribution to remove very large (or small) Features
MaxCutOff double Allows the user to truncate the distribution to remove very large (or small) Features
BinStepSize double The size of bin to use in segregating the Feature size distribution into classes for correlating other statistics to Feature size.
CreateEnsembleAttributeMatrix bool Create an Ensemble AttributeMatrix
DataContainerName String The name of the DataContainer to use
CellEnsembleAttributeMatrixName String Name of the Cell Ensemble AttributeMatrix
AppendToExistingAttributeMatrix bool Append the phase to an existing Cell Ensemble AttributeMatrix
SelectedEnsembleAttributeMatrix DataArrayPath The DataArrayPath to store the new phase
OdfData DynamicTableData Weights for the ODF generation
MdfData DynamicaTableData Weights for the MDF generation
AxisOdfData DynamicTableData Weights for the AxisODF Generation

Required Geometry

Not Applicable

Required Objects

Not Applicable

Created Objects

Kind Default Name Type Component Dimensions Description
StatsData N/A N/A A StatsData object that contains the generated statistics for the phase

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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