DREAM.3D v6 User Manual

DREAM.3D is capable of a wide variety of data processing, which can present an issue for new users getting started. This section covers a few of the most common DREAM.3D use cases to introduce to a new user the concepts and ideas behind working with data in DREAM.3D in the context of concrete problems.

3D Orientation Data Reconstruction

Describes how to reconstruct EBSD data into a 3D voxel based volume and visualize the results with ParaView

Synthetic Microstructure Generation

Shows the user how to create a Pipeline that will generate a single phase equiaxed synthetic microstructure from a set of input statistics

Surface Meshing

Serves as an introduction to creating a triangle based surface mesh from a 3D voxel volume

Cropping Data

Shows how to use the Crop Geometry (Image) Filter to crop a section of data by illustration in ParaView