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Stitch Images (ImageProcessing)

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ImageProcessing (ImageProcessing)


This filter stitches together images using the data array containing the stitched coordinates. The stitched image is stored in a new attribute matrix and data array.

Required Attribute Matrix

Default Name Description
Tile AttributeMatrix This attribute matrix contains all the individual tiled images. The images must be 8-bit grayscale. Currently, the only way to generate this attribute matrix is to use the Zeiss AxioVision Import filter.

Required Arrays

Type Default Array Name Comment
Float Stitched Coordinates This array contains origins of each tile. This array is generated by using the Determine Stitching Coordinates Generic filter

Created Arrays

Type Default Array Name
UInt8 MontageArray

Created Attribute Matrix

Default Array Name Description
Montage Attribute Matrix This attribute matrix contains the montaged data array created above.

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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