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Convert RGB to Grayscale (ImageProcessing)

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ImageProcessing (ImageProcessing)


Converts arrays that represent color images (RGB or RGBA) to grayscale with the specified weightings. The filter uses a Colorimetric (luminance-preserving) algorithm which requires the user to enter the luminance values for each channel in the image (alpha channel is ignored). The defaults that appear are the generally accepted values. If the user wishes to change those values they can be changed. The filter will allow the user to select from 1 to N number of arrays to convert.


Name Type
Arrays to Process QVector of DataArrayPaths
Color Weights 3*float
Output Array Prefix String
Output AttributeMatrix String

Required Arrays

Type Default Array Name Description Comment
any ImageData any 3 or 4 component image data

Created Arrays

Type Default Array Name Description Comment
UInt8 GrayScale 1 component image data

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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