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ImageProcessing (Misc)


Uses itk's rigid translation image registration to calculate slice alignments using the specified image comparison metric and optimizer on the selected array. If apply shifts is selected subpixel shifts well be applied with linear interpolation. More information on comparison metrics and optimizers can be found in itk's documentation:

Optimizer Parameters

Optimizer Parameter 1 Suggested Value Parameter 2 Suggested Value Suggested Iterations
Gradient Descent Learning Rate 0.001-5.0 Not Used - 200
Regular Step Gradient Descent Minimum Step Length 0.0001-0.01 Maximum Step Length 0.1-4.0 200-500
LBFGS Line Search Accuracy 0.9 Default Step Length 1.5 1000
Amoeba Convergence Tolerance 0.1-0.25 Function Convergence Tolerance 0.001 200
One Plus One Evolutionary Initialize Value 0.01-0.05 Epsilon 0.001 2000-4000


Name Type
Selected Array String
Similarity Metric String
Optimizer String
Optimizer Parameter 1 Float
Optimizer Parameter 2 Float
Maximum Iterations Float
Apply Shifts Bool
Write Alignment Shift File Bool
Alignment File String

Required Arrays

Type Default Array Name
UInt8 ImageData

Created Arrays


Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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