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Find Maxima (ImageProcessing)

Group (Subgroup)

ImageProcessing (ImageProcessing)


Finds local peaks: -all voxels/groups of same valued voxels surrounded by voxels of lower value are peak candidates -for each peak candidate the surrounding region is flood filled through any voxels with a value > (peak value - noise tolerance) -if multiple peaks are in a flooded region, only the brightest peak is kept (in the case of 2 or more equal valued peaks, merging occurs) -the average x, y, and z position of each peak region is the peak voxel


Name Type
Array to Process String
Created Array Name String
Minimum Intensity Double

Required Arrays

Type Default Array Name
Any Scalar ImageData

Created Arrays

Type Default Array Name Description Comment
bool Maxima local maxima

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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