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Binary Watershed Labeled (ImageProcessing)

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ImageProcessing (ImageProcessing)


Performs a binary watershed operation to split concave objects in a binary image. The watershed using a distance map instead of a grayscale gradient. Watershed regions are seeded using ultimate points to avoid over splitting the image. Ultimate points are found as maxima on the distance map using the algorithm of "Find Maxima". As a result a higher noise tolerance will reject more maxima on the distance map and therefore split concave objects more conservatively (while a lower value will split more aggressively). This filter is nearly identical to the Binary Watershed filter except that the output images is a labeled output image and watershed lines are not given the background color, but rather assigned to one of the features.


Name Type
Array to Process String
Peak Noise Tolerance float
Created Array Name String

Required Arrays

Type Default Array Name Description Comment
boolean ThresholdArray boolean array to be watershed

Created Arrays

Type Default Array Name Description Comment
int32 WatershedArray watershedded array

Example Pipelines

Please see the description file distributed with this plugin.

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