DREAM.3D v6 User Manual
User Manual

The DREAM.3D User Manual contains all the necessary information to start using DREAM.3D quickly. The user is urged to read through the What is DREAM.3D? section for an introduction to the basic ideas and motivations behind DREAM.3D. For a quick start on using the some of the common functions of DREAM.3D, the user can consult the Tutorials section. For those users importing data from other sources, the Supported File Formats section will be of interest. The main operations of DREAM.3D are contained in self-contained functions termed Filters organized into workflows called Pipelines. All Filters have documentation covering their use in the Filter Documentation section.

What is DREAM.3D?

An overview of DREAM.3D and its history

DREAM.3D Data Structure

Explanation of the DREAM.3D data structure

Using DREAM.3D

How to interact with the DREAM.3D user interface and create Pipelines

Filter Documentation

Documentation for the individual Filters in DREAM.3D


Tutorials covering some of the most common DREAM.3D workflows

Auxiliary Tools

Overviews of the auxiliary DREAM.3D tools DevHelper and PipelineRunner

Supported File Formats

Overview of the file formats DREAM.3D currently supports

Release Notes

Release notes for each version of DREAM.3D