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DREAM.3D v6.3 New Features

DREAM.3D brings a host of new user interface improvements that we would like to share. Our goal was to help the user streamline their workflows by presenting the user with a less cluttered main window. These changes will be on going as we investigate better ways to present the user interface to our users. The …

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New Features Tour (Version 6)

This is a short video showing some of the new searching capabilities of DREAM.3D. The new searching capabilities allows the user to quickly target filters by their name. Instead of drilling down through a tree the user can simply type the name of the filter into a search box and the list of filters will …

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DREAM.3D Version 6

It has been a long time and the DREAM3D development team has grown to 4 full time programmers and a few volunteers. The development team has been working hard in order to release a new version of DREAM3D that has more of the requested features and more scalable and modular at the same time. To …

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