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Compiling the DREAM3D_SDK on OS X (10.8, 10.9, 10.10)

In order to compile DREAM.3D the developer will need to install all the dependent libraries that are needed by DREAM.3D. In order to help streamline this process the DREAM.3D development team has created some shell scripts and source archives that enable the developer to quickly generate what we call the DREAM3D_SDK or DREAM.3D Software Development …

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Compiling DREAM3D Version 6

The source codes for DREAM3D are currently stored on GitHub at http://www.github.com/dream3d/dream3d. The master branch has the stable release (6.0.0) of DREAM.3D. The user can clone this branch of the repository onto their system. Documentation for compiling DREAM3D can be found in the Documentation/Developer directory. You can also try posting your question to the dream3d-developers …

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