Open, extensible software environment to allow integrated processing, characterization and manipulation of microstructure digitally.


DREAM.3D is an architecture for computational microstructure tools that allows users to create ‘recipes’ or pipelines for processing digital instances of microstructure.

DREAM.3D establishes a robust set of checks and development guidelines to enable singular codes to operate in conjunction, facilitating larger research efforts/goals, such as:

Data Architecture

Volumetric/Sample Data

  • Dimensions
  • Resolution
  • Filters Applied

Cell Data

  • Map of Attributes Associated with Single Data Points
  • Measured Values (i.e. Orientation, Chemistry, Grayscale, etc.)
  • Calculated Values (i.e. Field Ids, Kernel Avg. Misorientation, Euclidean Distance, etc.)


Field Data

  • Map of Attributes Associated with Sets of Data Points
  • Calculated Values (i.e. Avg. Orientation, Size, Shape, No. of Neighbors, etc.)


Ensemble Data

  • Map of Attributes Associated with Sets of Fields
  • Measured/Set Values (i.e. Crystal Structure, Phase Type, etc.)
  • Calculated Values (i.e. Size Distribution, # of Fields, ODF, etc.)


Software Architecture

DREAM3D is written using many open-source libraries in a layered approach that allows developers and implementors to use just the parts that they want to use. DREAM3D has a robust plugin system where new functionality can be added by developers. The licensing allows for both proprietary and open-source plugins.