DREAM.3D 6.5 New Features

​There are some terrific new features in DREAM.3D version 6.5 and we are here to let you in on some of the major additions.

​A Fresh New Look

​We stripped DREAM.3D down and gave it a fresh new look that any body with the proper skills can modify to how they want.

​Selection of Input Containers and Data

​It is always a struggle when placing a new filter into a pipeline to select the proper input containers and arrays. Sometimes it seems obvious what is needed and sometimes it is not. In previous versions we tried to help the user by disabling those containers and arrays that were incompatible with the targeted input parameter. In this version we took this to the next level. In version 6.5 users can now quickly identify what is compatible through the "Data Structure" widget. DREAM.3D will coloring and icons to indicate to the user what is compatible. To activate the feature simply hover the mouse over the input widget and the Data Structure widget will dim incompatible and highlight those that are compatible using either Green (Data Containers), Purple (Attribute Matrix) or Blue (Data Arrays). This feature is best shown with a short video.

​Container Name Refactoring

​Have you ever been in the middle of constructing a pipeline and wanted to give the various containers more descriptive names instead of "DataContainer" or "Cell AttributeMatrix". Most users would attempt this by simply adjusting the output name in the filter that created the container, for example ​"Read H5Ebsd". In the first image below the defaults are used but for many the names of the DataContainer and the two Cell Attribute Matrices are not par

​Entering new names would result in the following pipeline with errors in every single filter.

​Correcting all of these errors was time consuming and error prone. With the latest version of DREAM.3D all of those errors are a thing of the past. Feel free to rename those containers with any valid name that you want. (No "/" characters please).

​Annotate Your Pipelines

​Often when developing pipelines you would like to remember what a batch of filters did or what is the point of the pipeline in general. Now you have a way to capture that information with the Pipeline Annotation Filter. Feel free to type in what ever you want. We have plans tp add formatting and possibly images to the filter but for now text will have to do.

​Orientation Data Filters

We have added a few more filters to assist users in dealing with crystal orienation data. Those filters are:

Convert 3 Component Rodrigues to 4 Component

Calculate the conjugate of a Quaternion

Generate the transpose of a 3x3 Orientation Matrix

Add a filter to reduce orientations to their fundamental zone

​Other Niceties

​When cropping an Image Geometry more information is displayed in the filter input widget area.

​When searching for filters DREAM.3D will search on more meta-data about the filter and present the results in a categorized list.