DREAM.3D Version 6.5.83 is Available for Download

We are pleased to announce that DREAM.3D 6.5.​​​​83 is now available for download. Please download the latest release from our download page:


New Filters & Features

  • ITKImageProcessing::ITKImageWriter gained the ability to write out various orthogonal planes from the image geometry.

Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Improvements to StatsGenerator Documentation and Axis ODF Widget. (#824)
  • Fix incorrect labeling on pole figures for Hexagonal High Laue Class (#826)
  • Add example pipeline that produces a cylindrical shaped synthetic microstructure (#828)
  • Fix regression in installation codes where some data directories were left out. (#829)
  • Update dataCheck() to use a standardized output file checking mechanism. (#833)
  • Add second strategy for parallel implementation of SampleSurfaceMesh (#835)
  • Update all classes to properly implement constructors and assignment operators. (#837)
  • Fix calculation of centroid of the voxel. (#841)
  • Allow some filters to set specific DataArrays t0 ignore during the tuple copy operations
  • Calculate GBCD: Fix crashing bug due to use of -1 as a pointer offset. (#845)
  • Multiple entries in the AxisODF table were not deserialized correctly. (#846)
  • Additional fixes to QuickSurfaceMesh to address triangle winding issues. (#847)

Fixed SIMPLView Issues

  • Fix issue in generated Filter that would cause compile errors on MSVC due to lack of EXPORT macro
  • Use distinct output name for the GUI plugin. Not doing so causes issues with debugging on MSVC
  • Fix bad CMake code generation in the Python wrapping code. Incorrect template filename was used.
  • Update codes to modern C++ standards using clang-tidy

Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • LINUX: Properly move up a directory so that relative paths work correctly
  • Use the SVDialog as a superclass so that more GUI classes pick up the stying
  • Redo the Plugin Information UI to be more streamlined.
  • Improve Styling of Table widgets, improve AboutPlugins UX (#235)
  • Update TemplateHelpers implementations. (#237)
  • Removing pixmap that was being saved when creating an SVSpinBox.
  • Fix compile error on macOS 10.14 and Qt 5.11.1 (#247)
  • Fixes assert in setTuple in DataArray.hpp (#244)
  • Made FeatureDataCSVWriter use the new delimiter enum
  • Adds HexahedralGeom to CreateGeometry filter
  • Fix bugs in the SplitAttributeArrayTest and SplitAttributeArray filter (#251)
  • Fixing bug where changing "Start Import at Row" resets the data types in the Import ASCII Data wizard. (#254)
  • Allow wrapping of the file path in the Import ASCII Data Widget. (#258)
  • Create more verbose error message if parsing Json Pipeline fails. (#257)
  • Enable support for using the HDF5 1.10.3 library (#266)
  • Fix issue when reading a JSON file with an extended suffix.
  • Remove any colon characters that end up in a file path. (#271)
  • Update codes to modern C++ standards using clang-tidy