DREAM.3D Version 6.5.49 is Available for Download

We are pleased to announce that DREAM.3D 6.5.​​​49 is now available for download. Please download the latest release from our download page:


New Filters & Features

  • ITKImageProcessing::ITKImageWriter gained the ability to write out various orthogonal planes from the image geometry.

Fixed DREAM3D Issues

  • Update documentation for StatsGenerator to reflect Neighbor Distribution generation
  • Removed Write IPF Standard Triangle from available filters. Static images are available in the Data folder
  • Issue #817: Correctly calculate the northern hemisphere XYZ coord from the southern hemisphere
  • Issue #819: Allow users to pick either a Lambert or Discrete pole figure for the ODF tab in StatsGenerator
  • Update documentation for the Neighbor Distribution function in StatsGenerator

Fixed SIMPLView Issues

  • Change from 'Clear Cache' to 'Reset Preferences' which is more descriptive
  • Window settings are saved each time any dock widgets are moved or updated
  • Dock widgets with Tabs are now located at the top instead of the bottom.
  • Fixed issue when quitting the appication on macOS where the save as dialog would appear twice.

Fixed SIMPL Issues

  • Fix issue in MultiAttributeMatrixSelectionWidget where the selections would not deserialize from a pipeline file correctly.
  • Issue #228: Fix issue where the contents of the QTextEdit would not be saved to the filter in the Pipeline Annotation Filter
  • Issue #233: Fix bug where disabled filters are not written to the pipeline files.
  • Merge Coordinate transform system into mainline develop branch.
  • Adding a sanity check when loading bookmarks to make sure that all bookmark items have the proper item type.
  • Added unit test for SplitAttributeArray filter
  • Improves the output location of files related to Python Wrapping when used with Visual Studio.