DREAM.3D v6.4.197 Available for download

We are pleased to announce that DREAM.3D 6.4.197 is now available for download. Please the latest release from our download page:


Changes in 6.4.197 since the 6.4.78:

  • New Filters

    • SO3Sampler allows regular sampling of orienation angles. (DREAM3D Issue #751)
    • Read dataset from HDF5 file. (DREAM3D Issue #190)
    • Create Ensemble Info (Issue #724)
    • Import EBSD Orientation Files: Fallback to CI or Bands if generating IPF Color fails
    • Filters can not be temporarily disabled in the pipeline view.
    • ThresholdObjects filters moved to SIMPL Core from DREAM3D repo.
    • Renamed SPParksWriter to SPParksSitesWriter
    • Renamed SPParksReader to SPParksDumpReader

    Fixed DREAM3D Issues

    • DREAM3D Issue #750: 3DStereographic Coordinates filter was giving erroneous results.
    • DREAM3D Issue #714: Fix bug when reading ODF angle files with a comma as a delimiter and spaces in the data line
    • DREAM3D Issue #716: Write StatsGen ODF Angle File does not create output path directories
    • DREAM3D Issue #718: GenerateIPF Colors filter does not validate phase data and will cause unexpected results or crashes.
    • DREAM3D Issue #723: Image files stored in 'images' or 'Images' subdirectories do not match capitalization.
    • DREAM3D Issue #724: Import Orientation Files Filter Widget needs a fallback mechanism if the IPF Color generation fails
    • DREAM3D Issue #727: Allow filters to be temporarily disabled or turned off in the pipeline
    • DREAM3D Issue #730: AlignSectionsList Shows parameters from parent class
    • DREAM3D Issue #732: When reading STL files parse the header bytes to look for keywords that would identify the file as being from Magic's Materialise software
    • DREAM3D Issue #733: AlignSections (List) filter will not read from DREAM.3D generated Alignment files
    • DREAM3D Issue #737: ConvertOrientationData was not properly checking input arrays for the correct number of components
    • DREAM3D Issue #748: Only write an ODF angle file if there are valid angles.
    • DREAM3D Issue #748: Change default number of Lambert squares to 64.
    • DREAM3D Issue #748: Example pipelines; rotate the sample reference frame before processing the data
    • EbsdLib: Added more verbose error message when parsing .ang files that do not conform to the expected numeric types.

    Fixed SIMPLView Issues

    • SIMPLView Issue #17: Failure to check existence of file may lead to application crash
    • SIMPLView Issue #749: When loading a new pipeline file if there are no errors or warnings close the various dock widgets.

    Fixed SIMPL Issues

    • SIMPL Issue #137: Allow creation of Boolean types in ImportASCIIDataArray filter.
    • SIMPL Issue #136: Allow conversion to Boolean types in ConvertData Filter.
    • SIMPL Issue #130: Natively paint the PipelineFilterWidget instead of relying on CSS.
    • SIMPL Issue #123: Fix inconsistent types in the H5Lite library
    • SIMPL Issue: Array calculator will fail for some types of arrays
    • SIMPL Issue #118: Fix FileListInfoWidget internationalization decode issue.
    • SIMPL Issue #114: Allow user to skip writing the number of features in the CSV file
    • SIMPL Issue #112: Allow SIMPL to use environment variable to search for plugins. SIMPL_PLUGIN_PATH
    • SIMPL: Using Ariel font on Linux as Fira Sans is too thin to be easily seen.
    • SIMPL Issue #110: Fix plugin loading issues on linux with case sensitive file systems